Beijing Subway Line 15 extended through the Olympic Park

This week we’re previewing several new lines and extensions which opened at the end of December 2014. Today, Beijing Subway Line 15. Line 15 has been opened in sections, with the first section opening in December 2010, and the second section at the end of 2011. The new western extension continues from the old terminal station at Wangjing West, to six new stations from Guanzhuang to Qinghuadongluxikou

The full list of new stations is:

* Guanzhuang 关庄
* Anlilu 安立路
* Olympic Green 奥林匹克公园 (Line 8)
* Beishatan 北沙滩
* Liudaokou 六道口
Qinghuadongluxikou 清华东路西口

There is a planned interchange station with Line 5 at Datunlu East, but construction work is not yet finished, so Line 15 trains will not yet stop there.

It’s also planned in future for Qinghuadonglu Xikou to become a new interchange station on Line 13.

The Beijing Subway has also replaced the old flat 2 RMB fare structure with a new distance-based fare structure, with prices varying between 3 RMB and 9 RMB. For example, a journey along the whole length of Line 15, from Fengbo to Qinghuadonglu Xikou will cost 7 RMB. 

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