Beijingology profiles Beijing’s five new Subway lines

Over at CityWeekend’s Beijingology blog, David Feng has been tirelessly profiling every single new Beijing Subway station for 2010! Five new lines will be opening on December 28th, 2010: the Daxing extension to Line 4, the Yizhuang Line, Line 15, the Changping Line and the Fangshan Line.

These all connect to some of the suburbs of Beijing. Each station has an article hyperlinked below. We’ll be updating our online Beijing Subway map and iPhone app with all the new lines, stay tuned!

The Daxing extension to Line 4 will extend south from the current southern terminus at Gongyixiqiao into Daxing District.

The Yizhuang Line will extend Line 5 further south from its southern terminus, towards the Yizhuang Railway Station in Tongzhou District.

The first phase of Line 15 will head north-east from Wangjing West Station on Line 13 into Shunyi District.

The Changping Line will extend north from Xi’erqi station on Line 13 into central Changping District.

The Fangshan Line will head southwest into Fangshan District. It will not be connected to the rest of the Beijing Subway network until 2011.

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