Monthly Archives: February 2007

The stars, the stars

a few small improvements on the metro map

  • some small corrections for station names (the official Shanghai Metro site gets it wrong!)
  • more UI translations into Chinese
  • dragging between two stations now highlights the route
  • night mode is a bit more realistic 🙂

I hope to get audio files for all 90-odd stations up shortly!

keep exploring,

Route planning on the metro map

You can now drag between any two stations on the metro map to see the quickest route and price. For example, you can see that Hong Kou Stadium to Xujiahui takes about 42 minutes and costs 5 rmb. I’ll add an update soon to auto-scroll the map as you’re dragging, so that you can connect distant stations. Please let me know of any bugs you find!
Two bonuses: the file size has been reduced to under 100kb now, and there’s a basic zoom function (press the + and – keys on your keyboard).
keep exploring,