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Previewing the Shanghai Metro Line 12 and Line 13 extensions

UPDATE: The new lines described below opened on December 19th 2015. Please see for a timeline of when these lines will be available in our apps.

Across Shanghai, the sound of drilling echoes around 25 new metro stations, the plastic wrap is coming off hundreds of new fare gates, and scores of security personnel are being trained in how to blankly stare into the distance. Yes, at the end of 2015 we’re expecting two new extensions, finally bringing Line 12 and Line 13 into the downtown area.

New Line 13 station at Xintiandi

New Line 13 station at Xintiandi

Although there’s no official opening date yet, new lines often open on the final Sunday in December, so we predict December 27th 2015 will see 21km of new track open on Line 12, and 9.8km of new track open on Line 13.

First up, Line 12. Currently Line 12 connects Qufu Road with the North Bund, north-eastern suburbs and northern Pudong, passing Tiantong Road, the International Cruise Terminal, Dalian Road, Jufeng Road and terminating at Jinhai Road.

A new 16 stations are expected, with an impressive number of connections to existing lines opening in downtown, before the line heads towards Minhang. In particular, South Shaanxi Road becomes a 3-line interchange with lines 1, 10 and 12, as does Hanzhong Road with Lines 1, 12, and 13. West Nanjing Road will also have three lines (2, 12 and 13) but unfortunately it will be a “virtual” interchange, meaning you’ll need to exit the paid area for some interchanges. The same fate befalls Longhua station, a virtual interchange between line 11 and line 12.

Screenshot 2015-11-08 22.49.24

Here’s the full list of new stations, with official Chinese and English names.

  • Qixin Road 七莘路
  • Hongxin Road 虹莘路
  • Gudai Road 顾戴路
  • Donglan Road 东兰路
  • Hongmei Road 虹梅路
  • Hongcao Road 虹漕路
  • Guilin Park 桂林公园
  • Caobao Road 漕宝路 (Line 1 interchange)
  • Longcao Road 龙漕路 (Line 3 interchange)
  • Longhua 龙华 (Line 11 “virtual” interchange)
  • Longhua Middle Road 龙华中路 (Line 7 interchange)
  • Damuqiao Road 大木桥路 (Line 4 interchange)
  • Jiashan Road 嘉善路 (Line 9 interchange)
  • South Shaanxi Road 陕西南路 (Lines 1 & 10 interchange)
  • West Nanjing Road 南京西路 (Lines 2 & 13 “virtual” interchange)
  • Hanzhong Road 汉中路 (Lines 1 & 13 interchange)
  • connects to existing Line 12 track via Qufu Road to Jinhai Road

Secondly, Line 13 which currently connects Changshou Road in Jing’an to the western suburbs, running along Jinshajiang Road. The line will continue south and east, with a double interchange with Line 12 at Hanzhong Road and West Nanjing Road. There’s then a new station at Middle Huaihai Rd., which lies roughly halfway between South Shaanxi Road and South Huangpi Road, before interchanges with Line 10 at Xintiandi and Line 9 at Madang Road. The line then heads into the old Expo area, with a newly renamed World Expo Museum station (formerly known as Lupu Bridge) and terminating at Shibo Avenue in Pudong. In future the line will continue further south, connecting with Line 7 at Changqing Road.

Screenshot 2015-11-08 22.52.57

Here’s the full list of new stations, with official Chinese and English names.

  • Jiangning Road 江宁路
  • Hanzhong Road 汉中路 (Lines 1 & 12 interchange)
  • Shanghai Natural History Museum 自然博物馆
  • West Nanjing Road 南京西路 (Lines 2 & 12 virtual interchange)
  • Middle Huaihai Road 淮海中路
  • Xintiandi 新天地 (Line 10 interchange)
  • Madang Road 马当路 (Line 9 interchange)
  • World Expo Museum 世博会博物馆
  • Shibo Avenue 世博大道
World Expo Museum station

World Expo Museum station

Shanghai Metro Line 16 now connects to Longyang Road

This week we’re previewing several new lines and extensions which opened at the end of December 2014. Today, Shanghai Metro Line 16. Line 16 opened last year with a section of track from Luoshan Road to Dishui Lake. The line wasn’t that well connected to the rest of the network, with the only interchange station to Line 11 at Luoshan Road. It’s now much better connected, thanks to the new 2-station extension:

In particular the station at Longyang Road provides easy interchanges with Line 2, 7 and the Maglev to Pudong Airport. Later in 2015, Line 11 will also be extended from Longyang Road to the Shanghai Disney Resort, so Line 16 will be a useful conduit for visitors heading from the airport to the Disney Park.

Shanghai Metro Line 13 extended

This week we’re previewing several new lines and extensions which opened at the end of December 2014. Today, Shanghai Metro Line 13. Line 13 has gone through a number of iterations over the last few years. If you were in Shanghai during the 2010 World Expo you may recall a small section of Line 13 was open to ferry people into the Expo site. That section subsequently closed, and a new section of Line 13 in western Shanghai opened in 2012, from Jinshajiang Road to Jinyun Road. This year, Line 13 has been extended three stations eastwards, with two new interchange stations:

Later in 2015, Line 13 will be extended eastwards and southwards:

  • Jiangning Road
  • Hanzhong Road (interchange with Line 1 and 12)
  • Shanhaiguan Road
  • West Nanjing Road (interchange with Line 2 and 12)
  • Middle Huaihai Road
  • Xintiandi (interchange with Line 10)
  • Madang Road (interchange with Line 9)
  • Lupu Bridge
  • Shibo Avenue
  • Changqing Road (interchange with Line 7)

Year-end metro openings for Shanghai and Beijing

December 2014 should see several new lines and extensions opening in Shanghai and Beijing.

In Shanghai, Line 13 will be extended by three stops, with a new Line 11/13 interchange at Longde Road and a new Line 7/13 interchange at Changshou Road. Additionally Line 16 should be extended with a new Line 2/7/16/Maglev interchange at Longyang Road.

In Beijing, one major change is the switch from a flat 2RMB fare to distance-based pricing from 3RMB to 10RMB beginning December 28. There are also several new lines opening: a brand new east-west line, Line 7, plus extensions to Line 6, Line 14 and Line 15.

As you may know, ExploreMetro is run by just one person and I’m currently in the United States, preparing to get married on December 31st! So, for personal reasons, the Explore Shanghai and Explore Beijing apps will likely not be updated with all the new lines until early January. Thanks for your patience.

Update 1! Basic updates to the online maps and Android apps are now available. Some information like first/last train times will be updated in early January. iOS apps will also be updated in early January.

Update 2! Updates to our iOS apps are also now available!

Vote for ExploreMetro in the Urban Commuter Challenge

We recently entered ExploreMetro in the Urban Commuter Challenge. This is a competition which challenges app developers to improve life for commuters in Shanghai.

Now, if you’re reading this blog you already know that we make Shanghai’s best metro map, so how could we make it even better?

By adding offline exit maps! Read the story of what we did, and please consider voting for us on the ChallengePost website.

Introducing Material Design for our Android metro maps

We’ve just updated all of our ExploreMetro Android apps with a style update inspired by the new Google Material Design patterns.


You’ll see more consistent use of colour throughout the apps: for example Shanghai uses a blue theme with a blue icon, blue toolbar and blue highlights, while Singapore is purple and Beijing is red.

It’s also even easier to plan a route, just tap the big circular Plan Route button (in orange in the screenshot below) to start planning a route.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to roll out some other updates, with station and first/last train time updates for Shanghai, and updated journey prices for Singapore. Find any issues with the latest updates? Get in touch

Asia’s best metro maps: now free forever on iPhone


Every app. Free Forever. I’m excited to announce that starting today, all our iPhone metro maps apps are free to download. Whether you need a metro map for Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, or Taipei – both iPhone and Android apps can be downloaded free of charge. This is not a temporary promotion, all our apps are free, forever.

It’s been five years since I launched the first version of Explore Shanghai for iPhone, and a lot has changed in the app market. Most apps are now free to download, and people’s appetite for paid apps is declining. I’m still confident that the ExploreMetro apps are Asia’s best metro maps, and with your help they can be the most popular too!

If you download an app for the first time, you can use nearly all the features of the app for free, including search, route-planning and street maps. Certain features such as first/last train times, audio pronunciations of stations and offline street maps are now premium features. You can upgrade any app to VIP mode to get all premium features, and remove banner ads.

If you’ve ever downloaded a paid version of the app you are entitled to continue using all the premium features for free, forever. If you have any problems restoring your purchase, please contact us!

Tell your friends… tell the world… Asia’s best metro maps are now FREE!

Qufu Road interchange opens on Shanghai Metro

The Shanghai Metro company has announced that Qufu Road is now open as an interchange between Line 8 and Line 12. Previously Line 12, which opened earlier in the year, terminated at Tiantong Road.

Screenshot 2014-05-11 19.31.53

The new interchange is expected to bring even more traffic to the already-overcrowded Line 8. During rush hour, a one-way system will be used to help passengers flow around the station more easily.

We’ve just pushed live updates to our online map at and our Android app, an update to our iPhone app has been submitted to Apple and should be approved within the next week.


Access all areas: disabled and elevator access information, now in our Shanghai iPhone app

Many residents and visitors to Shanghai have limited mobility. Whether you use a wheelchair, or are using a stroller, the good news is that many stations on the Shanghai Metro have accessible lifts/elevators. We’ve now made this information available in our iPhone app in the “tips” section. Simply select “Tips” for any station, and look for the blue wheelchair icon.


iOS Simulator Screen shot 9 Jan 2014 00.13.06We’ve sourced this information directly from the Shanghai Metro company, so there may be some errors or omissions. The tips are also available on the “Metropedia” pages, for example Xintiandi. Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions on how to make this information better!

We added this feature as a direct result of a suggestion on our feedback forum – so please feel free to make other suggestions on the forum, it really does help!

Exit strategy: new information on exits for the Shanghai Metropedia

We’ve added a new feature to the Metropedia pages for the Shanghai Metro. You can now see basic exit information, so you can check which road to exit onto. Here’s an example for South Shaanxi Road:

Screenshot 2014-01-08 23.40.53

This is a test for now, so you’ll only see the exit data for Shanghai, and only for English. We’ll be looking at improved ways to show this information in our mobile apps too. Let us know if you have any feedback!