11 thoughts on “Previewing the Shanghai Metro Line 12 and Line 13 extensions


    In your blog “Previewing the Shanghai Metro Line 12 and Line 13 extensions ”
    you said:” In future the line will continue further south, connecting with Line 4 at Changqing Road.”
    but Changqing Road is the station in Line 7

  2. Justin

    Hello~ again great and clear explanation regarding the upcoming opening of line 12 and 13.
    I found an error that needed to be fixed. It is under the full list of new stations of Line 13. The virtual interchange between Line 1, 12 and 13 should be on West Nanjing Road station, not, SH Natural History Museum station.

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Ken Walker

    It is hard to tell from the maps….but is there any plan to connect the Cool Docks area to the rest of the city at all? A lot of construction going on there now but no real good way to get there.

  4. Bill

    Thank you for this APP and it is really amazing in terms of accuracy of the time estimation between stations. I’ve been a fan of the APP since few years ago and have also kept in my phone, despite changing phone a few times including from Android to iOS now.

    With the 3 new lines in Shanghai opened and put into trial operation last weekend, wondering when will these new lines be captured? Maybe in the next version of the APP? Eager to see those new lines on the APP! 🙂

  5. Aries

    Extension lines were already opened since last week. Please release now the new updated version of your app. Thank you.

  6. jodie Gillies

    i wish there was a map which showed on a large map of shanghai , so I could guage where to catch line 13…

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