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Going to the Asian Games? Three ways to access our Guangzhou metro map!

The Asian Games are now just 4 days away! One of the easiest ways to reach the Games venues will be by metro. Even better, there’s free transport on the Guangzhou Metro for local and long-term residents. Of course, you’ll need a metro map to help you get around! Here are three ways to access our maps:

1. Online:

Just visit on any computer to use our interactive Flash map. You can plan routes and search for stations in English or Chinese.

2. On your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Download Explore Guangzhou for iPhone from the App Store. Version 2.7 includes retina display and Google Maps for every station. Version 2.8 is currently being reviewed by Apple and will include station updates on Line 8, and new timetables.

3. On paper (print a PDF!)

We’ve made a handy printable version of our map as a PDF, which should print out in A4 size. You can fold it up and take it with you while you’re headed to the Games venues! Download it here: PDF in English or PDF in Chinese.

Guangzhou’s Line 3 reaches the airport

On October 30th, Guangzhou’s Metro Line 3 northern extension opens to passengers, connecting Baiyun Airport to the metro system. We’ve previously written about the extension, note that two stations (Airport North and Gaozeng) will not open until 2012.

The new stations from north to south, are listed below. Click any station name for the Metropedia page with a location map, photos and travel times:

We’ve updated our online interactive metro map at with the new stations. We’ve also launched an awesome update for our iPhone app, which not only includes the new stations, but adds beautiful hi-res retina display graphics: see our Guangzhou iPhone app post for more details!

We’ve also updated the map to include the Guangfo Line and marked the Automated Passenger Mover, a new driverless train in central Guangzhou. Both are expected to open in early November.

Explore Guangzhou 2.6: Ready for the Asian Games

We’re pleased to announce that Explore Guangzhou 2.6 for iPhone is now available on the iTunes App Store!

With just over a month a go until the opening ceremony of the Asian Games, we’ve launched this bumper update to ensure you’re all set for your Asian Games adventures!

What’s new:

Line 3 Airport extension and the Guangfo Line have not opened yet. Don’t worry, there will be another update before the Asian Games begins to add these lines 🙂

Explore Guangzhou 2.6 is a free update to to existing users, and just $0.99 to purchase. Download your copy today and get ready for the Asian Games!

Guangzhou Metro Line 2, 4 and 8 open!

From September 25th, the new and improved Guangzhou Metro Line 2, Line 4 and Line 8 opened!

Our online map at has been updated with the new stations on Line 2 and Line 4, and the stations which have become part of the new Line 8. You can see how much time it will take to travel between two stations and the recommended route by dragging between two stations. Ticket price information is coming soon! There’s also a Metropedia page for each new station, such as Huangcun.

Line 3 extension and the Guangfo Line are expected to open in October.

Here’s a map of the lines and stations open so far, click to enlarge:

An update to our Guangzhou Metro iPhone app has been submitted to Apple and should be available in the next 7-10 days.

Countdown to the Guangzhou Asian Games: Guangzhou Metro Line 4

All this week we’re profiling the new lines and extensions being added to the Guangzhou Metro before the Asian Games.

Today, Line 4! Although Line 4 is only being extended by two stations to the north, it’s a key line for the Asian Games. Why? Huangcun Station, the new northern terminus is located at Guangdong Olympic Stadium, the main stadium for the games. Haibang Station, further south is the location of the Asian Games Village where athletes will reside.

Countdown to the Guangzhou Asian Games: Guangfo Metro

All this week we’re profiling the new lines and extensions being added to the Guangzhou Metro before the Asian Games.

Today, the Guangfo Metro. Billed as China’s first intercity metro line, it will link Guangzhou with Foshan, a city of 1.1 million people (with 5.4 million in the surrounding areas).

The new line starts at Xilang on Guangzhou Metro Line 1 and heads south and west into Foshan, terminating at Kuiqi Lu. Later plans will link the line to a future Foshan Metro, as well as further extensions within Guangzhou.

Countdown to the Guangzhou Asian Games: Guangzhou Metro Line 3

All this week we’re profiling the new lines and extensions being added to the Guangzhou Metro before the Asian Games.

Line 3 is a branched line, running north-south. The new northern extension, predicted to open on October 16, 2010, will extend the line to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, providing a metro link to the airport for the first time. An official announcement has not yet been made, it’s possible that Airport North station will open at a later date. Another new key station will be Jiahewanggang, providing interchange with Metro Line 2.

Countdown to the Guangzhou Asian Games: Guangzhou Metro Line 2

All this week we’re profiling the new lines and extensions being added to the Guangzhou Metro before the Asian Games.

Today, Line 2: currently an L-shaped line, some of its current stations will shortly become part of Line 8, while new extensions will be added to the north and south.

To the north, the line heads through Baiyun District towards a new interchange with Line 3 at Jiahewanggang. This will provide easy access to the new Line 3 Airport link. Beware of Xiao-gang station (萧岗站): it’s NOT the same as Xiaogang station (晓港站), currently on line 2 and soon to be on Line 8!

To the south, the line heads through Haizhu and Panyu districts to the new Guangzhou South Railway Station. High-speed trains to Wuhan, Shenzhen and Hong Kong depart from here.

Countdown to the Guangzhou Asian Games

From November 12 to November 27, 2010, Guangzhou will stage the 16th Asian Games, a multi-sport Olympic-style event for the sportsmen and women of Asia. As well as the standard sports like athletics, swimming and football, there are some quirkier additions like Go, Kabbadi, Twenty20 cricket and dragon boat racing.

7,987 athletes and almost 4,500 officials from 45 countries are already registered for the games, but how are they and the spectators going to reach the venues? Guangzhou’s transportation networks have been receiving significant investment before the Games. The Guangzhou Metro network has several new lines and extensions opening, and over the next few days we’ll be looking at the new lines and stations in detail. Continue reading