Countdown to the Guangzhou Asian Games: Guangzhou Metro Line 2

All this week we’re profiling the new lines and extensions being added to the Guangzhou Metro before the Asian Games.

Today, Line 2: currently an L-shaped line, some of its current stations will shortly become part of Line 8, while new extensions will be added to the north and south.

To the north, the line heads through Baiyun District towards a new interchange with Line 3 at Jiahewanggang. This will provide easy access to the new Line 3 Airport link. Beware of Xiao-gang station (萧岗站): it’s NOT the same as Xiaogang station (晓港站), currently on line 2 and soon to be on Line 8!

To the south, the line heads through Haizhu and Panyu districts to the new Guangzhou South Railway Station. High-speed trains to Wuhan, Shenzhen and Hong Kong depart from here.

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