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A new page for every metro station – introducing a new look for Metropedia

For each of our online metro maps, we provide an accompanying “Metropedia” with a webpage for every metro station and metro line (for example People’s Square in Shanghai, Kowloon in Hong Kong). We’ve just designed all the Metropedia pages to match the style of our new beta metro maps. Highlights of the new pages include:

  • New stylish header with a snapshot photo of the location
  • Fast facts including the name of the station in multiple languages and audio pronounciation
  • Location map from Google Maps
  • Tips contributed by the users of our iPhone apps
  • Photos from the area around each station
  • Nearby places from Wikipedia and Skimbl
  • Works well on phones and tablets as well as desktop browsers

Check out the Metropedia homepages for for ShanghaiBeijingGuangzhouSingaporeHong Kong and Taipei, and do let us know if you have any suggestions on how to improve the Metropedia pages!

Sample page:

Sample page on iPhone:


Six great updates to our maps

First, three great updates to our maps which are already live; then I’ll tell you about three new features coming soon to ExploreMetro!

  • ExploreHK update – our Hong Kong map got some love, with a fully-updated routeplanner including the new station at Austin and changes to the East and West Rail Lines.
  • New audio for Hong Kong and Guangzhou – now you can hear how any station name sounds just by clicking on the station name, then pressing the “play” button. For Hong Kong, you can practice your Cantonese 🙂
  • Nearby places in Metropedia. For every station in the Shanghai Metropedia/Beijing Subwaypedia/Guangzhou Metropedia/Hong Kong MTRpedia, we now show a “Places near” section with links to local places’ Wikipedia articles. This is a new feature so feedback is very welcome!

And coming soon…
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Line 11 metro station names announced

UPDATE: Line 11 opened on 31 December 2009

The official names for the Shanghai Metro Line 11 stations have been announced. The first phase links Shanghai’s northwestern suburbs with downtown (terminating at Jiangsu Road). It is set to open at the end of 2009. It will have two interchange stations with existing lines.

Line 11 will link Shanghai West Railway Station and the Shanghai International Circuit (home of the Chinese F1 Grand Prix) to the metro network for the first time.

Here is the list of stations, from south to north, with links to Metropedia articles for existing stations. The English names are our unofficial translations, based on the naming of current stations. Corrections and comments are welcome.

  • Jiangsu Road (江苏路站) – interchange with line 2
  • Longde Road (隆德路站)
  • Caoyang Road (曹杨路站) – interchange with lines 3 and 4
  • Fengqiao Road (枫桥路站)
  • Zhenru (真如站)
  • Shanghai West Railway Station (上海西站站)
  • Liziyuan (李子园站)
  • Qilianshan Road (祁连山路站)
  • Wuwei Road (武威路站)
  • Taopu Xincun (桃浦新村站)
  • Nanxiang (南翔站)
  • Malu (马陆站)
  • Jiading Xincheng (嘉定新城站)

The line then branches into two. The northern branch has these stations:

  • Baiyin Road (白银路站)
  • Jiading West (嘉定西站)
  • Jiading North (嘉定北站)

The western branch has these stations:

  • Shanghai International Circuit (上海赛车场站)
  • East Changji Road (昌吉东路站)
  • Shanghai Automobile City (上海汽车城站)
  • Anting (安亭站)

Line 7 metro station names announced

The official names for the Shanghai Metro Line 7 stations have been announced. Line 7 has been under construction for the past three years, and is set to open at the end of 2009. It will run from Baoshan District in the north of Shanghai, through downtown and into Pudong. It will have eight interchange stations with existing lines.

Here is the list of stations, from north to south, with links to Metropedia articles for existing stations. The English names are our unofficial translations, based on the naming of current stations. Corrections and comments are welcome.

  • Meilanhu (美兰湖站)
  • Luonan Xincun (罗南新村站)
  • Panguang Road (潘广路站)
  • Liuhang (刘行站)
  • Gucun Park (顾村公园站)
  • Qihua Road (祁华路站)
  • Shanghai University (上海大学站)
  • Nanchen Road (南陈路站)
  • Shangda Road (上大路站)
  • Changzhong Road (场中路站)
  • Dachang Town (大场镇站)
  • Xingzhi Road (行知路站)
  • Dahua No.3 Road (大华三路站)
  • Xincun Road (新村路站)
  • Langao Road (岚皋路站)
  • Zhenping Road (镇坪路站) – interchange with lines 3 and 4
  • Changshou Road (长寿路站)
  • Changping Road (昌平路站)
  • Jing’an Temple (静安寺站) – interchange with line 2
  • Changshu Road (常熟路站) – interchange with line 1
  • Zhaojiabang Road (肇嘉浜路站) – interchange with line 9
  • Dong’an Road (东安路站) – interchange with line 4
  • Chuanchang Road (船厂路站)
  • Houtan (后滩站)
  • Changqing Road (长清路站)
  • Yaohua Road (耀华路站) – interchange with line 8
  • Yuntai Road (云台路站)
  • West Gaoke Road (高科西路站) – interchange with line 6
  • South Yanggao Road (杨高南路站)
  • Jinxiu Road (锦绣路站)
  • Fanghua Road (芳华路站)
  • Longyang Road (龙阳路站) – interchange with line 2
  • Huamu Road (花木路站)

A picture is worth 1000 words

Every station on the Shanghai Metro, Beijing Subway and Guangzhou Metro have their own page on ExploreShanghai‘s Metropedia, ExploreBeijing‘s Subwaypedia and ExploreGuangzhou‘s Metropedia.

Now these pages are more colourful and interesting with the addition of local photos! Powered by, you can now see photos taken in the geographical area around each metro station.


Metropedia and Subwaypedia

Both ExploreShanghai and ExploreBeijing got an upgrade today. On ExploreBeijing you can now explore Subwaypedia, an encyclopedia containing information, timings and maps for every line and station on the Beijing Subway.

Beijing’s Subway Line 8 is now open to the public, providing easy access to the Olympic Green and Forest Park.

Shanghai’s matching Metropedia also got an upgrade, with more accurate information and faster-loading pages.

Don’t forget, to jump to the Metro/Subwaypedia for any station, just click on the station on the interactive map.

Welcome to Metropedia

ExploreShanghai proudly presents Metropedia, an encylopedia about the Shanghai metro. There’s far more information than we can possibly display on the interactive metro map, so now each line and station has its own page.

You can jump to the Metropedia by clicking on any station, and choosing the “Metropedia” link in the bubble.

Alternatively, click the “Metropedia” tab at the top of each page to jump there directly.

Here’s the page for Xujiahui:

On each station page you can find

  • Basic information about the station
  • Current and former names in English and Chinese
  • Pronunciation of the station name
  • A metro map centred on the station
  • NEW! Location maps showing each exit
  • NEW! Route diagrams and interchange details

Metropedia is multilingual, and the Chinese version of the site is at 地铁信息. You’ll notice that you can toggle between the English and Chinese version of any page on the site by clicking English or 中文 in the top right of the page.

Over time, we’ll be adding more information to make the pages more useful. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below!