Welcome to Metropedia

ExploreShanghai proudly presents Metropedia, an encylopedia about the Shanghai metro. There’s far more information than we can possibly display on the interactive metro map, so now each line and station has its own page.

You can jump to the Metropedia by clicking on any station, and choosing the “Metropedia” link in the bubble.

Alternatively, click the “Metropedia” tab at the top of each page to jump there directly.

Here’s the page for Xujiahui:

On each station page you can find

  • Basic information about the station
  • Current and former names in English and Chinese
  • Pronunciation of the station name
  • A metro map centred on the station
  • NEW! Location maps showing each exit
  • NEW! Route diagrams and interchange details

Metropedia is multilingual, and the Chinese version of the site is at 地铁信息. You’ll notice that you can toggle between the English and Chinese version of any page on the site by clicking English or 中文 in the top right of the page.

Over time, we’ll be adding more information to make the pages more useful. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below!

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1 thought on “Welcome to Metropedia

  1. Fred in So Car

    The location maps are a GODSEND, as are the area maps. You’ve made trying to learn and plan for visiting Shanghai so much easier! Thank you for your hard work.

    Question: Where online could I find out which stations have elevators and handicapped exits?

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