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Shanghai Metro opens new Line 8 China Art Museum station on Expo site

The Shanghai Metro company have announced that a new station China Art Museum will open tomorrow, September 28 2012. The station is named after the adjacent China Art Museum, which also opens for trial operation this National Holiday week. The museum is housed in what was the China Pavilion during the 2010 World Expo. The station will also be convenient for events at the nearby Mercedes-Benz Arena.

Here’s a snippet of the metro map, showing the location of China Art Museum on Line 8. The station (formely known by the Chinese name of Zhoujiadu in plans) is between South Xizang Road and Yaohua Road on Line 8.

We’ve updated our online metro map and Android app and iPhone app to add the new station.

photo by: kahumphrey

Shanghai Metro Line 13: More than just the Expo

Today marks the final day of the Shanghai World Expo, and Shanghai’s Line 13, the Expo line, will also be closing. During the Expo, only three stations were open: at Madang Road, Lupu Bridge and Shibo Avenue.

The good news that is eventually the line will become a major north-south route, connecting with several other key metro lines. The bad news is that this won’t happen until at least 2012. Anyway, to whet your appetite, here are the stations.

  • Huajiang Road
  • West Jinshajiang Road
  • Fengzhuang
  • South Qilianshan Road
  • Zhenbei Road
  • Daduhe Road
  • Jinshajiang Road (Line 3/4)
  • Longde Road (Line 11)
  • Wuning Road
  • Changshou Road (Line 7)
  • Jiangning Road
  • Hanzhong Road (Line 1)
  • Shanghai Nature Museum
  • West Nanjing Road (Line 2)
  • Middle Huaihai Road
  • Xintiandi (Line 10)
  • Madang Road (Line 9)
  • Lupu Bridge
  • Shibo Avenue
  • Changqing Road (Line 7)
  • Chengshan Road
  • Dongming Road (Line 6)
  • Liuli
  • Xianan Road
  • Yanglian Road
  • Lianxi Road
  • Middle Huaxia Road

UPDATED 2nd November to correct some stations

Win Expo tickets with Explore Shanghai

We’re giving away five tickets to the Shanghai World Expo!

If you’ve been living in Shanghai, or planning a trip, you’ll no doubt be planning a visit to the Expo Site. Regular tickets cost 160 RMB ($23) but thanks to Explore Shanghai you could visit for free! The competition is open to anyone who uses Explore Shanghai for iPhone, available from the iTunes App Store. Explore Shanghai is a great companion for your Expo trip, it includes up-to-date information on all the new metro lines, including Line 13 directly into the Expo park.

You can download ExploreShanghai for iPhone from the iTunes App Store for just $0.99. Once you’ve downloaded, tap on the Help tab and fill in your details to be entered into the draw. You can enter once per day, and the more you enter the greater your chance of winning! We’ll announce the first lucky winner on May 31st.

Disclaimer: ExploreMetro is the sole sponsor of this Sweepstakes and Apple is not a sponsor or responsible for this Sweepstakes.

Shanghai Metro: later trains across the network

Good news, with the Shanghai World Expo opening to the public today, you can take advantage of later trains across the Shanghai Metro network. To find the first/last train times for any station, just click on the name of the station on our interactive map.

The significant changes are:

Most lines now finish operations between 10.30pm and 11.30pm. Note that Line 10 and the Line 2 extension to Pudong International Airport still finish at 4pm.

Line 13, the Expo Line, will run until midnight, and additional trains may be added after the official closing time on other lines to transport people away from the Expo Zone, see signs at stations for further information.

We’ll have an update for our iPhone app (now at version 2.1) with the new times shortly.

Shanghai World Expo Line 13 preview

One of the easiest ways to get to the Shanghai World Expo site once it opens to the public on May 1st will be by metro. A dedicated line, Line 13, will run from Madang Road station, an interchange with Line 9. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You must have a valid Expo ticket to ride Line 13. Rides are free.
  • The Expo and Line 13 officially open on May 1st, but the line is open for ticket holders during the “soft”/trial opening until May 1st
  • The line will operate from 09:00 to 24:00, the same as the opening hours for the Expo park. Trains will run every 6 minutes.
  • At Madang Road, you’ll need to exit the Line 9 ┬ástation and follow signs to the Expo entrance. Then you’ll undergo security checks and have your ticket checked before being allowed to board the train.
  • There are two stations within the Expo Zone on Line 13: Lupu Bridge on the Puxi side and Shibo Avenue on the Pudong side. At both stations you can walk straight into the Expo Park without needing further security checks
  • Line 13 has a pink livery on maps and in stations
  • You can also use Line 13 to hop between the Puxi and Pudong parts of the Expo Zone by travelling between Lupu Bridge and Shibo Avenue: this is free with an Expo ticket.
  • There are additional entrances to the Expo zone accessible on foot or by shuttle bus from these stations: West Gaoke Road (Line 6/7), Houtan (Line 7), Changqing Road (Line 7), Yaohua Road (Line 7/8), and South Xizang Road (Line 4/8). These stations are outside the Expo Zone though, so you will have to pass through security after leaving the metro station.
  • After the Expo ends, Line 13 will close until 2011, when it will reopen with additional stations.

We’ve updated our online Explore Shanghai metro map to add the new line, and an update to our iPhone app will be available in the next week.

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