Shanghai Metro Line 13: More than just the Expo

Today marks the final day of the Shanghai World Expo, and Shanghai’s Line 13, the Expo line, will also be closing. During the Expo, only three stations were open: at Madang Road, Lupu Bridge and Shibo Avenue.

The good news that is eventually the line will become a major north-south route, connecting with several other key metro lines. The bad news is that this won’t happen until at least 2012. Anyway, to whet your appetite, here are the stations.

  • Huajiang Road
  • West Jinshajiang Road
  • Fengzhuang
  • South Qilianshan Road
  • Zhenbei Road
  • Daduhe Road
  • Jinshajiang Road (Line 3/4)
  • Longde Road (Line 11)
  • Wuning Road
  • Changshou Road (Line 7)
  • Jiangning Road
  • Hanzhong Road (Line 1)
  • Shanghai Nature Museum
  • West Nanjing Road (Line 2)
  • Middle Huaihai Road
  • Xintiandi (Line 10)
  • Madang Road (Line 9)
  • Lupu Bridge
  • Shibo Avenue
  • Changqing Road (Line 7)
  • Chengshan Road
  • Dongming Road (Line 6)
  • Liuli
  • Xianan Road
  • Yanglian Road
  • Lianxi Road
  • Middle Huaxia Road

UPDATED 2nd November to correct some stations

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    Yes, that seems to be correct. Though, you can never tell what the Shanghai Metro Company will do 😉

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