Shanghai World Expo Line 13 preview

One of the easiest ways to get to the Shanghai World Expo site once it opens to the public on May 1st will be by metro. A dedicated line, Line 13, will run from Madang Road station, an interchange with Line 9. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You must have a valid Expo ticket to ride Line 13. Rides are free.
  • The Expo and Line 13 officially open on May 1st, but the line is open for ticket holders during the “soft”/trial opening until May 1st
  • The line will operate from 09:00 to 24:00, the same as the opening hours for the Expo park. Trains will run every 6 minutes.
  • At Madang Road, you’ll need to exit the Line 9 ¬†station and follow signs to the Expo entrance. Then you’ll undergo security checks and have your ticket checked before being allowed to board the train.
  • There are two stations within the Expo Zone on Line 13: Lupu Bridge on the Puxi side and Shibo Avenue on the Pudong side. At both stations you can walk straight into the Expo Park without needing further security checks
  • Line 13 has a pink livery on maps and in stations
  • You can also use Line 13 to hop between the Puxi and Pudong parts of the Expo Zone by travelling between Lupu Bridge and Shibo Avenue: this is free with an Expo ticket.
  • There are additional entrances to the Expo zone accessible on foot or by shuttle bus from these stations: West Gaoke Road (Line 6/7), Houtan (Line 7), Changqing Road (Line 7), Yaohua Road (Line 7/8), and South Xizang Road (Line 4/8). These stations are outside the Expo Zone though, so you will have to pass through security after leaving the metro station.
  • After the Expo ends, Line 13 will close until 2011, when it will reopen with additional stations.

We’ve updated our online Explore Shanghai metro map to add the new line, and an update to our iPhone app will be available in the next week.

Line 13 gallery

Thanks to some intrepid posters on the Metrofans BBS, here are some pictures of Line 13!

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