PDF maps for Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai!

We’re delighted to announce new PDF maps for all our ExploreMetro cities! Now you can print out and carry a handy A4 printout for Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Singapore, besides the Shanghai map we already offered.

To download the maps, just click on the “PDF map” tab on any of our city sites, or follow the download links below. The PDF maps are available in both English and Chinese versions. If you have any feedback or spot any mistakes on the map, do get in touch!

Direct links:

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2 thoughts on “PDF maps for Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai!

  1. Xavier Fung

    Thanks for the good work! I’ve spotted 2 issues in the Hong Kong map:

    1) English version – Tseung Kwan O Line should go to Po Lam/LOHAS Park instead of just the latter only. This is correct in the Chinese versions.

    2) Chinese version – There is no 香港地鐵 anymore as the system is now referred as 港鐵

    Also for the abbreviation of lines in MTR, they are as follows:

    Kwun Tong Line – KTL
    Tsuen Wan Line – TWL
    Island Line – ISL
    Tseung Kwan O Line – TKL
    Tung Chung Line – TCL
    Airport Express – AEL
    Disneyland Resort Line – DRL
    East Rail Line- EAL
    West Rail Line – WRL
    Ma On Shan Line – MOL


  2. matt Post author

    thanks for the corrections Xavier! I’ll get the maps fixed.

    Didn’t realise there were official abbreviations, I’ll definitely switch to using those!

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