Line 11 metro station names announced

UPDATE: Line 11 opened on 31 December 2009

The official names for the Shanghai Metro Line 11 stations have been announced. The first phase links Shanghai’s northwestern suburbs with downtown (terminating at Jiangsu Road). It is set to open at the end of 2009. It will have two interchange stations with existing lines.

Line 11 will link Shanghai West Railway Station and the Shanghai International Circuit (home of the Chinese F1 Grand Prix) to the metro network for the first time.

Here is the list of stations, from south to north, with links to Metropedia articles for existing stations. The English names are our unofficial translations, based on the naming of current stations. Corrections and comments are welcome.

  • Jiangsu Road (江苏路站) – interchange with line 2
  • Longde Road (隆德路站)
  • Caoyang Road (曹杨路站) – interchange with lines 3 and 4
  • Fengqiao Road (枫桥路站)
  • Zhenru (真如站)
  • Shanghai West Railway Station (上海西站站)
  • Liziyuan (李子园站)
  • Qilianshan Road (祁连山路站)
  • Wuwei Road (武威路站)
  • Taopu Xincun (桃浦新村站)
  • Nanxiang (南翔站)
  • Malu (马陆站)
  • Jiading Xincheng (嘉定新城站)

The line then branches into two. The northern branch has these stations:

  • Baiyin Road (白银路站)
  • Jiading West (嘉定西站)
  • Jiading North (嘉定北站)

The western branch has these stations:

  • Shanghai International Circuit (上海赛车场站)
  • East Changji Road (昌吉东路站)
  • Shanghai Automobile City (上海汽车城站)
  • Anting (安亭站)

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6 thoughts on “Line 11 metro station names announced

  1. Micah Sittig

    Three comments:

    1. They should call 桃浦新村站 “Taopu Newly Estates”, like on the bus! Hehe.

    2. Jiading Xincheng is an interesting one. 松江大学城 was translated into English, “Songjiang University Town”; but 松江新城 was left in pinyin, “Songjiang Xincheng”. I wonder if they’ll regret that decision and change back to a translation for 嘉定新城, something like “New Jiading City”.

    3. I’m wondering why you included “International” in “Shanghai International Circuit”? The track’s website just says “Shanghai Circuit”, but your translation is more pleasing to the ear… I wonder if they can give the station a sub-title, like the track’s: “Shanghai International Circuit: Speeding With Shanghai!”.

  2. matt Post author

    Knowing the Shanghai Metro company, the English names will be inconsistent with previous lines, and probably inconsistent within the stations 🙂

  3. Charlotte Lord

    Does any one know the dates from when metro Line 11 will be running a service past 4.20pm in the afternoon. People have said it will be some point this month (March) but know idea of exact date.

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