Six great updates to our maps

First, three great updates to our maps which are already live; then I’ll tell you about three new features coming soon to ExploreMetro!

  • ExploreHK update – our Hong Kong map got some love, with a fully-updated routeplanner including the new station at Austin and changes to the East and West Rail Lines.
  • New audio for Hong Kong and Guangzhou – now you can hear how any station name sounds just by clicking on the station name, then pressing the “play” button. For Hong Kong, you can practice your Cantonese 🙂
  • Nearby places in Metropedia. For every station in the Shanghai Metropedia/Beijing Subwaypedia/Guangzhou Metropedia/Hong Kong MTRpedia, we now show a “Places near” section with links to local places’ Wikipedia articles. This is a new feature so feedback is very welcome!

And coming soon…

  • An Explore Hong Kong iPhone app! Browse, search and plan routes across the MTR network.
  • Updates to all our other iPhone apps, including bugfixes and enhanced search results.
  • Up-to-date exit maps for each station, showing nearby roads and transport links

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