Monthly Archives: July 2008

Beijing gets three new lines

On July 19th Beijing got three new subway lines: line 8, line 10 and the Airport Express. Details of all the new lines are on the ExploreBeijing subway map. Changes in the latest version:

  • First train/last train info for all the new lines (terminal stations only at present)
  • Updated information on the Airport Express at Terminal 2 and 3
  • Corrected some English station names
  • Improved Chinese translations and highlighting on interchanges

Route-planning for ExploreBeijing

The ExploreBeijing subway map now supports route planning. Simply drag your mouse between two stations to see an estimate for the time needed for the journey (including changes, and time spent waiting for trains).

Note that unlike on the Shanghai metro, all journeys cost a flat 2RMB. The new Airport Express line costs 25RMB! As with other features on, there may be some inaccuracies during the “beta” period, do get in touch if anything looks wrong!

The exact timings for the new lines (Line 8, Line 10 and the Airport Express) won’t be confirmed until later this month when the lines open.

ExploreBeijing beta launches … plus a new look for ExploreShanghai

Two big announcements today!

The Shanghai metro map has been redesigned based on your feedback. It now uses clearer fonts and colors, there’s a handy legend for identifying which line is which, and route-planning has been made more intuitive. To plot a route, just drag between two stations, and a grey arrow will preview which stations you are connecting.

Secondly, I’m pleased to announce the first “beta” version of the ExploreBeijing subway map at You can use the “other cities” link in the top tabs to switch city. The ExploreBeijing map isn’t yet complete, notably:

  • No first train/last train data for the new lines 8, 10 and Airport Express (which open later this month)
  • No route-planning yet… coming soon!
  • No station pronounciations yet… coming soon!

If you’ve got any feedback, please get in touch!

Shanghai metro map receives minor updates

The Shanghai metro map has had a minor update. It now uses the latest (June 2008) price grid for calculating the price of a route. The first and last train times have also been updated to be more accurate.

A quick piece of trivia for you: the longest possible journey between two stations on the Shanghai Metro is the roughly two and a half hour trip between Gangcheng Road (Line 6) and Songjiang Xincheng (Line 9). On the bright side, it will only cost you 9 RMB!