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CNReviews on ExploreMetro

CNReviews have kindly written a very positive review of our sites in their latest post.

Every so often you run into something so completely wonderful, it forces you to ask yourself, “how the hell did I never hear of this before?”

ExploreMetro should be a nice reference for China’s many expats and foreign visitors who opt not to waste time or money hopping into taxis to get wherever they want to go when the subway is equally accessible and often times much faster.

Thanks guys, we love you too. Read the full review here.

A picture is worth 1000 words

Every station on the Shanghai Metro, Beijing Subway and Guangzhou Metro have their own page on ExploreShanghai‘s Metropedia, ExploreBeijing‘s Subwaypedia and ExploreGuangzhou‘s Metropedia.

Now these pages are more colourful and interesting with the addition of local photos! Powered by, you can now see photos taken in the geographical area around each metro station.


Guangzhou Metro map launches

We’re proud to announce the launch of, an interactive metro map of Guangzhou. Based on the same technology as and, all your favourite features are there, including English and Chinese versions, route-planning with times and prices for tickets and a Metropedia with information on every station.


Have fun exploring a new city! Explore Guangzhou is still in “beta”, so if you have any feedback, please feel free to comment on this blog, or via our contact us page.

You may have noticed that this blog has moved to – this is a new site which will act as a central hub for information about all of our metro and subway maps. All old links and RSS subscriptions should continue to work fine.