Monthly Archives: October 2009

Trains run longer on Shanghai Metro Line 3 and 4

Welcome back from the October break! Community member ‘aeiounm’ alerted me to updated timetables for Shanghai Metro line 3 and line 4, which came into effect on September 28th.

Thanks to two new trains, the time between services during rush-hour is now only 5 minutes (though you still may have to wait a long time off-peak).

First and last train times have also been changed (for the better, mainly!) Trains on Line 3 now run 30-40 minutes later. The last trains now depart at 22:30 and 22:35, arriving at the termini stations at 23:34 and 23:40. Line 4 has also received some love. The last trains now run about 15 minutes later, with the last Line 4 trains reaching Yishan Road at 23:30.

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