Monthly Archives: January 2011

Beijing Subway Challenge

Alex Taggart, who writes for the Global Times Metro Beijing will be heading underground on Wednesday, January 26th as he attempts to visit every Beijing Subway station in one day!

I’m excited to see how he does, as I attempted the same feat in Shanghai in 2009.

So why’s he doing it?

“I’m hoping that in taking up and hopefully beating the challenge, I’ll bring attention to the fact that for less than the price of a jianbing, it’s possible to navigate the whole of Beijing and beyond (336km of track) in a day, with a good few hours to spare if my calculations are correct. In a taxi, the same journey would be super-slow, cost at least 1042 kuai (or 297.7 jianbings), and leave Beijing covered in nasty pollution.

You can follow Alex on Twitter to see how well he does. Good luck!

More updates for our Shanghai Metro and Beijing Subway iPhone apps

The latest updates (version 2.9) of our Shanghai Metro iPhone app and Beijing Subway iPhone app are now available on the iTunes App Store.

The Beijing app includes updated first/last train times for the Changping Line, Yizhuang Line, Daxing Line, Line 15 and Fangshan Line, as well as details of the connecting bus for the Fangshan Line, while the Shanghai app adds the new Line 7 extension.

Both updates are free for all our users, or you can download Explore Shanghai or Explore Beijing directly from the iTunes App Store.

We have lots more updates planned for 2011, so stay tuned!