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Suggest ways to make ExploreMetro better on our new feedback forum

We’re pleased to announce that ExploreMetro has a new support website, including a feedback forum for feature suggestions, a Knowledge Base with answers to common questions, and an easy way to contact us.

Despite the fact that ExploreMetro is developed, marketed and supported by one person in their spare time, I do love to hear what you have to say! Almost every feature we add to the app, or new city map we develop, is first suggested by one of our awesome users.

Head over to where you can:

  1. Suggest a feature for our maps and apps in the feedback forum, or vote on other people’s ideas
  2. Suggest a new city where you’d like to see a ExploreMetro map
  3. Check out the Knowledge Base with a list of Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Need to get in touch? Contact us!


New splash: Jiyang Road station opens

Shanghai Metro riders now have a new station to interchange at, with the opening of Jiyang Road, which provides a connection between Line 6 and Line 8.

Jiyang Road is the location for the Oriental Sports Center, which will be the venue for the 2011 World Aquatics Championship. (You can also enter a competition to come up with a nickname for the Center).

We’ve updated our online metro map and iPhone app to add the new station.

See the location of Jiyang Road below!