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The Beach Express: Shanghai Metro Line 22 to Jinshan set for December opening

Shanghai Metro Line 22 will connect Shanghai South Railway Station with Jinshan, home of the closest sandy beach to downtown Shanghai. Not that it will likely be beach-going weather when the line opens in late December, 2011.

UPDATE: the Jinshan Railway finally opened in September 2012!

Jinshan Beach

The new line will have 9 stations, connecting with Line 1 and 3 at Shanghai Railway Station, and Line 1 and Line 5 at a new transport hub at Xinzhuang in Minghang District. The line then heads south into Songjiang and Jinshan Districts. The stations, from north to south:

  • 上海南站 Shanghai South Railway Station (interchange with Line 1 and Line 3)
  • 莘庄 Xinzhuang (interchange with Line 1 and Line 5)
  • 春申 Chunshen
  • 新桥 Xinqiao
  • 闵西 Minxi
  • 叶榭 Yexie
  • 亭林 Tinglin
  • 阮巷 Ruanxiang
  • 金山 Jinshan
The line is 56.4km long. There will be some direct trains which travel the line in 30 minutes, while trains stopping at every station will take 50 minutes. Trains will travel at up to 160km/h on the new line, over twice as fast as on regular metro lines.

Seoul Metro DX Line opens

The “Sinbundang Line” or “DX Line” has opened to the public in Seoul. The line provides a quick route from Gangnam station to the Bundang area, taking a more direct route than the Bundang Line. It’s colored red on the map below.

Chris Backe has some handy hints about the new line. We’ve submitted an update to our Seoul Metro iPhone app and it should be available soon!

Beijing Line 8 temporarily closes, extended version to open soon

Beijing Subway Line 8 has been temporarily closed. The current four-station line runs from Beitucheng through the Olympic Green to
South Gate of Forest Park. Don’t panic, the reason for the closure is the impending opening of Line 8, phase 2! The second phase, scheduled to open in late December, will extend the line to the north, with additional interchanges with the Changping Line and Line 13. The full list of new stations is listed below.
  • Zhuxinzhuang 朱辛庄 (Changping Line)
  • Pingxifu 平西府
  • Huoying 霍营 (Line 13)
  • Xisanqi 西三旗
  • Xisanqi South 西三旗南
  • Yongtai 永泰
  • Lincui Lu 林萃路
  • South Gate of Forest Park 森林公园南门
  • Olympic Green 奥林匹克公园
  • Olympic Sports Center 奥体中心
  • Beitucheng 北土城 (Line 10)