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Beijing Subway Line 9 set for December opening: and two new extensions!

The Beijing Subway will be getting longer with the opening of 3 new sections at the end of December 2012. David Feng wrote a good summary of the new lines over at City Weekend.

The good news is that Line 8 is reopening with a longer northern extension towards Huilongguan, interchanging with Line 13 at Huoying. Line 15 is also extended, and there’s a brand new Line 9 which connects the Fangshan Line to Beijing West Railway Station. Line 9 and the Fangshan Line are still isolated from the rest of the subway system: you’ll need to take a bus from Beijing West Railway Station to Military Museum station on Line 1.

Here’s a map highlighted the newly opened lines: click to expand. Look out for updated versions of our interactive subway map and Beijing Subway iPhone app when the new lines open.

Tickets, please! Turn your old travel tickets into art

Do you have a stash of old tickets at home? Would you like to contribute to an amazing new artwork that will become part of a major exhibition?

Creative Commons License photo credit: bfishadow

The London Transport Museum is looking for used travel tickets to feature in their upcoming exhibition ‘Mind the Map: inspiring art, design and cartography’, which opens next year. This includes tickets for boat, train, bus, air travel and more.

Exploring the theme of transport maps and mapping, the exhibition will include historic and contemporary maps, whilst exploring the future of mapping, and will include newly commissioned artworks by Stephen Walter, Simon Patterson, Jeremy Wood, Claire Brewster and Helen Scalway.

Another artist featured is Susan Stockwell, whose work often uses of themes of maps and mapping, transforming recycled materials from everyday objects into beautiful artworks.

On this occasion Susan will be experimenting with used transport tickets to create a large-scale world map. The artwork will also explore the role of tickets as a memory or symbolic representation of a journey.

The Museum is currently working with Susan to collect used transport tickets from as many types of travel, of various, and from as many countries and timespans as possible. She is also collecting stories and memories related to the tickets, which are often kept as souvenirs or memento.

Please send any tickets and stories to:
Michelle Brown
London Transport Museum
39 Wellington Street
michelle dot brown at ltmuseum dot co dot uk


Help test our new tips and maps feature on iPhone/iPad

Do you enjoy using our iPhone/iPad metro maps? We’ll soon be launching version 6.0 of our apps, with some great new features:

  • A new “tips” feature with handy hints near metro stations, like nearby bus routes and tourist attractions
  • Faster loading and lower memory for the map, which should help on older devices.

We’re looking for around 20 people to become beta testers for new versions of our apps! What this means is, before we launch new versions to the public, you’ll get a chance to try out the new version, give your feedback on new features, and let us know about any problems you had.

We’d be really grateful for the help! If you want to take part, it’s simple:

  1. Sign up at
  2. We’ll contact you next time we have an app we need to test with further instructions.