Monthly Archives: August 2012

Explore Singapore, now with route-planning for the LRT!

We’ve just pushed an update to our Explore Singapore map, which adds route-planning for the LRT (Light Rail Transit) system in Singapore. There are currently three LRT lines: Bukit Panjang LRT, Sengkang LRT and Punggol LRT. You can plan a route between two LRT stations, or from an MRT to an LRT station. The map will show the fastest route, and the total journey cost.

The updated routeplanner is now live on Explore Singapore online at and our Explore Singapore Android app (v1.0.5). An update for our Explore Singapore iPhone app will be available in the next couple of weeks.

Coming soon: step-by-step routeplanning and sharing in our iPhone apps

We’ve been busy this summer preparing a new version of our awesome metro maps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Version 7 will be available soon – but here’s a sneak preview, as well as information on how to get the new version first by joining our beta-testing program.

Route-planning is a really useful part of our apps: in fact over 15,000 routes are planned every day using our iPhone apps! In the current version, the fastest route is shown directly on the map like this:

In version 7, we’re adding written step-by-step directions, like this:

Every step of the way, you have clear instructions of which line to take, and which direction. What’s more, you can easily share the route instructions, by email, SMS/iMessage, Twitter or copying to clipboard:

We even automatically shorten the route directions to fit more easily into an SMS message.

If you’d like to try out the new routeplanning features, sign up to our beta-testing program.

And there’s more! Once iOS6 is launched later this year we’ll be adding more great features, including:

  • Point-to-point directions integrated into the built-in Maps app
  • Sharing via Sina Weibo