Monthly Archives: January 2013

China’s High Speed Rail Network 2013, as a metro map!

We recently posted a map of China’s High Speed Rail Network to Facebook. With over 200 likes, I guess people found it entertaining! Here’s an updated version of the map, fixing some errors and showing the lines which should open during 2013. Shanghai to Kunming, anyone?



Search tips in the new version of Explore Shanghai for iPhone and iPad

The latest version of ExploreShanghai for iPhone and iPad is available now, and we’ve added a great new feature.

Previously, you could search for station names, now you can also search for tips! What’s great is that other Explore Shanghai users have already added over 1000 tips including points of interest, shops and restaurants. For example, want to know which metro stops are near the Bund? Just search “bund”:

iOS Simulator Screen shot 17 Jan 2013 19.01.15


Searching tips is available now for Explore Shanghai on iOS, and coming soon to our other apps!

5 dead and 18 injured in Shanghai Metro Line 12 construction site accident

Tragic news today, Sina reports that 5 people are dead and 18 injured after an accident at a construction site for the Shanghai Metro Line 12 at Jinsui Road (金穗路) in Pudong. The rush to build China’s infrastructure at a breakneck pace means that such accidents sadly seem to be very common. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.