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Google Maps are back! Improved street maps in Explore Shanghai for iOS

When Apple introduced iOS6 last year, the Google Maps on iPhones and iPads were replaced by Apple iOS Maps. There have been several well-documented issues with iOS Maps, as well as some China-specific issues which we’ve written about before.

The good news is that today we’re launching the latest version v9.0 of our Explore Shanghai Metro map, which now puts the choice back in your hands! Tap on a station, tap “Street” and then you’ll have a choice of three options:

iOS Simulator Screen shot 3 Mar 2013 21.12.01

  • Google Maps, including a 3D perspective view (try dragging with two fingers)
  • iOS/Apple Maps
  • Offline Maps from Open Street Map

It’s another little way we’re making our apps Asia’s best metro maps 🙂

We got Seoul: Introducing Explore Seoul for web and Explore Seoul 9.0 for iOS

We’ve just launched some great new updates for our Seoul Subway maps! Our Explore Seoul iOS app has been updated to version 9.0. It includes lots of great new updates like point-to-point directions and search for tips.

iPhone 4-Inch Screenshot 5We’ve also added several new metro lines which have recently opened. The Suin Line connects Songdo and Oido, with connections to Seoul Metro Line 4 and Incheon Subway Line 1. There are also new extensions to the Bundang Line and Gyeongui Line.

iPhone 4-Inch Screenshot 4

You can also now view our Seoul Metro map on the web, at – this includes many of the great features of our apps, like route-planning. You can also view the Seoul Subwaypedia, with pages for every station, for example check out the page for Euljiro 3(sam)-ga.

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 16.01.34

We’d love to hear your suggestions and improvements for Explore Seoul. Get in touch via our feedback portal!