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Beijing Subway Line 10 completed, and Line 14 opens for Garden Expo

May 2013 brings two new openings for the Beijing Subway! Beijing Subway Line 10, a major loop line around the city opened at the start of 2013, but two stations were missing. Those two stations: Fengtai Railway Station and Niwa are now ready for passengers. That means you can now take a subway train all the way around the loop – a full circuit takes over 1.5 hours! Train frequency has also been increased to a headway of 2 minutes 15 seconds at peak times.

There’s also a brand new subway line, Line 14 heads west from Xiju station (interchange with line 10), running 12.6km to its terminus at Zhangguozhuang (张郭庄). Line 14 has 6 stations in the initial phase, all in Fengtai District; trains do not currently stop at Qilizhuang station (七里庄), which will be a future interchange with Line 9 and should open by the end of 2013.

One of the main reasons to take Line 14 is to visit the Beijing Garden Expo. There’s a dedicated station, Garden Expo Park, for accessing the Expo.

Here’s a map of the new stations! Stay tuned for updates to our online map and apps for iPhone and Android shortly!

Line 10 and 14

How many stations are there on the Shanghai Metro?

The Shanghai Metro is one of the longest metro stations in the world. How stations does it have, as of December 2014? That’s a slightly tricky question to answer, for a number of reasons:

Which lines to include?

For the purposes of this article, we’re including the fourteen lines which provide regular metro service: that’s Lines 1 through Line 13 and Line 16.

We don’t include the Jinshan Railway (“Line 22”), as the frequency of trains on the line is not high enough to constitute a rapid transit service, and there is no integrated ticketing with the rest of the network. Similarly, we exclude the Shanghai Maglev train.

Which stations to include?

We include all currently open stations.
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