Monthly Archives: September 2019

Beijing Subway opens Daxing Airport Express to new airport

On September 28, 2019 a new express metro line opened in Beijing linking to the new Daxing Airport. The Daxing Airport Express runs from Caoqiao on the Third Ring Road, an interchange with Line 10, to Daxing Airport, a total of about 40km, with a single journey taking about 30 minutes. There is one intermediate stop at Daxing Xincheng. A single journey from Caoqiao to the airport costs 35 RMB.

The line is colored blue on the map:

To avoid confusion, the Airport Express train to the existing Beijing Capital Airport will now be referred to as the Capital Airport Express.

We’ve already updated our online Beijing Subway map with the new line, and updates to our iOS and Android apps will be available soon.

Shenzhen Line 5 extended to Chiwan, new interchange with Line 2

Shenzhen’s Metro received its first extension for three years with the September 28, 2019 opening of the Line 5 extension. The 7.7km extension continues from Qianhaiwan station, an existing interchange with Line 1 and 11, via six new stations, to a new interchange with Line 2 at Chiwan.

The line will reduce travel times between Bao’an, Qianhai, and Shekou. In future, there will be additional interchanges to Line 9 at Qianwan station and Line 15 at Railway Park Station.

Our online Shenzhen metro map is already updated, and there will be updates for our iOS and Android apps shortly!