Shanghai PDF metro map / 上海地铁PDF地图

Today we updated the printable PDF versions of our Shanghai metro map. The new English version includes the new line 8 stations and there’s a new Chinese version. If you have any comments or suggestions for the PDF versions, please get in touch.

Chinese version


Download English 下载中文

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6 thoughts on “Shanghai PDF metro map / 上海地铁PDF地图

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  2. fsw

    Good Job! But isn’t it time with this update of No. 8 to go further South? Actually Line 5 really confuses me, going “up”.

    And why not add the Huangpu in the sketch? I know it’s not a metro line, but it will make it so much easier to get off on the “right” side of the river.


  3. Matthew

    Thanks for the suggestions! Trying to squeeze everything on to an A4 sheet does cause some perversions to geography. Adding the river is a great idea, and I’ll definitely consider this for the next version.

  4. ShenZhe

    Thank you.The map and the web is very useful for me.I’m a citizen of Shanghai but the metro line is still complicated for me.In recently years,Shanghai has constructed so many metro line:)
    Thanks a lot for your work.

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