10 facts about Shanghai Metro Line 10 (and a map)

As we reported on Tuesday, Shanghai Metro Line 10 will open on Saturday. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. This brings the total length of the Shanghai Metro system to 420km: the longest in the world!
  2. Line 10 will initially open for trial operation for 2-3 weeks between the hours of 9am to 4pm, avoiding the rush hours. – UPDATE – Now 5.30am to 7.30pm!
  3. The line will have 27 stations, see the full list at the end of this post
  4. At the western end of the line, there are two branches, to Hangzhong Road and Hongqiao Airport. The Hongqiao Airport branch will open later in the year.
  5. The trains on Line 10 are designed to operate without drivers, but there will be drivers on board for the trial operation.
  6. The line passes many of Shanghai’s tourist attractions, such as Yuyuan Garden, Xintiandi and East Nanjing Road.
  7. Line 10 will also include the first metro stops servicing the Gubei area.
  8. Line 10 trains and stations have a lilac livery. That’s a light purple!
  9. The Shanghai Metro Company promise 108 bus lines servicing the new metro stations!
  10. We’ll have an update for exploreshanghai.com on Saturday. Meanwhile, check out this map of the new line! (Click to enlarge)

Here are the stations on the new line, from west to east.

  • Hangzhong Road 航中路
  • Ziteng Road 紫藤路
  • Longbai Xincun 龙柏新村
  • Longxi Road 龙溪路
  • Shuicheng Road 水城路
  • Yuli Road 伊犁路
  • Songyuan Road 宋园路
  • Hongqiao Road 虹桥路 – interchange with lines 3 and 4
  • Jiaotong University 交通大学
  • Shanghai Library 上海图书馆
  • South Shanxi Road 陕西南路 – interchange with line 1 (virtual interchange, requires public transportation card)
  • Xintiandi 新天地
  • Laoximen 老西门 – interchange with line 8
  • Yuyuan Garden 豫园
  • East Nanjing Road 南京东路 – interchange with line 2
  • Tiantong Road 天潼路
  • North Sichuan Road 四川北路
  • Hailun Road 海伦路 – interchange with line 4
  • Youdian Xincun 邮电新村
  • Siping Road 四平路 – interchange with line 8
  • Tongji University 同济大学
  • Guoquan Road 国权路
  • Wujiaochang 五角场
  • Jiangwan Stadium 江湾体育场
  • Sanmen Road 三门路
  • East Yingao Road 殷高东路
  • Xinjiangwancheng 新江湾城

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41 thoughts on “10 facts about Shanghai Metro Line 10 (and a map)

  1. Julien

    What does “virtual interchange” mean? Do you know when the Hongqiao branch will open (like, in a few weeks or in a few months)?
    I’m very excited about this new line, it will change my life when I get off work.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

    A Shanghai subway fan

  2. KingKongyu

    “Yuli Road 伊犁路” should be “Yili Road” & “South Shanxi Road 陕西南路” should be “South Shaanxi Road”

    Really love this site! You all did a fantastic job! Thank you!

  3. Shanghai Ultra

    Unfortunately “virtual interchange” means “long walk”.

    It also means you have to go use your ticket or transport card to exit the barriers of one line, and then either buy a new ticket or use your transport card to swipe into a new line.

    For me this is the one big fault of the Shanghai metro. So many interchanges are like this – at Hongkou Football stadium you even need to cross a busy main road to change stations!

    Not sure why some stations have such convinent interchanges (like line 7/4 at Dongan Lu) and such long walks (line 2 with line 1/8 peoples square, Line 1 with line 3/4 Shanghai Railway station, Line 1 with line 9 at Xujiahui, line 9 and 3/4 at Yishan Lu)… the list goes on.

    Not sure how this can be when the Shanghai metro has been, to all intents and purposes, built from scratch.

  4. Micah S

    Julien, a virtual interchange means that there is no direct platform-to-platform walkway so passengers must exit by swiping their cards and enter again through another gate. For passengers with public transportation cards who exit and enter within a certain time frame (30 minutes?) this counts as a “virtual interchange” and the fare is charged as if they had not left the subway. Passengers buying single-fare tickets will need to buy another ticket when they change lines and will not receive the discounted fare.

    Most stations that have a virtual interchange are ones where the real interchange is under construction but has been delayed for one reason or another. An example is the Line-1-to-9 interchange at Xujiahui, which was a virtual interchange (you had to exit and walk through the Grand Gateway Mall) but I believe has just recently graduated to a real interchange (passengers now follow a path through the Grand Gateway’s underground parking garage). There is one permanent virtual interchange between Lines 1 and Lines 3/4 at the Shanghai Railway station since the opening of the Lines 3/4 platform. The distance between the two platform is so long and the engineering too complicated so there are currently no publicly known plans to connect the two platforms into a real interchange.

    This is an interesting trivia question: can you name all of the virtual interchanges in the Shanghai subway system?

  5. Micah S

    Also, can ExploreMetro consider updating the PDF map of the Shanghai subway? It’s a lagging behind the Flash version… Thanks!

  6. matt Post author

    Line 10 is now live!

    @Micah, updating the PDF version now, should have a new version online in the next two days.

    @KingKongyu, thanks for the corrections. I’ve changed Yili Road. Shaanxi vs Shanxi is a little inconsistent, I’ve seen both used. Depends if you are using the “postal” or the “pinyin” spelling.

  7. David Feng

    Long walks, yes, but there is NOTHING like going out of the station, grabbing a little drink, and tehn continuing along without paying extra! 🙂

    Congratulations Shanghai. Please get ready to alight from the right side. 😀

  8. David Feng

    Beijing’s Airport Express has a fainter lilac livery. In fact, when I saw it, it looked so “wrong” to me that I called it “puke purple”. Why is everyone so madly in love with those colour schemes in Beijing that drive you bananas? 😛

  9. Clement

    Wow…the longest Metro system in the world? It has come a long way…in such a short time. Congrats.

    Please update our iPhone version..it’s still showing the old map. THANKS. :>


  10. Julien

    Thanks for the answers!

    When will we have a subway map superimposed on a street map?…

    Congrats to the whole team again


  11. matt Post author

    I don’t know, but I’d guess later in the year when the Hongqiao Railway Station and the rest of the Hongqiao Transportation Hub opens.

  12. Lily

    Now I’m staying in Shuicheng road near Line 10.My office is in Zhangjiang high tech park(line2).How should i go to my office from Line10?.I saw in the metro map East nanjing road is the connection between line2 & line10.I want to know how to interchange from line10 East nanjing road to line 2 east nanjing road.If i want to change should i need to exit from line10 subway & again i have to buy a ticket for line2?Then I want to know line10 & line2 are very near in East nanjing road or I need to walk some times?

  13. matt

    Hi Lily,
    It takes about 4-5 minutes to interchange between Line 2 and Line 10 at Nanjing Road. You don’t need to exit, just follow the signs and keep your ticket. One thing to remember is that Line 10 is only operating between about 9am and 4pm at the moment.

  14. matt Post author

    Sorry, no official announcement yet Lily. I’ll post on the blog as soon as I know!

  15. Forrest

    Hi, I am Chinese and living in Shanghai.

    So excited to know foreigner guy (Matt) developed the awesome app .

    I guess that customers may also be foreigners.

    If you guys have some problem to understand Chinese, please let me know, I can try to help.

    With skype forrest.shi

  16. Kaylan

    Closest station to Marriot Hotel on Hongqiao Lu is Longxi Station- like a 3 min walk.

  17. Tommy

    hello! personally, i really like this metro line, which namely line 10. It is very convenience and modern.
    Consequently, i hope that will be normally operated as soon as possible. Especially, the operational hours.

  18. Rich

    Hi Matt. thanks for all the great info. Any word yet on when line 10’s open/close time will go to being like the rest of the metro? I live practically on the line 10’s 新天地 stop. Thanks!

  19. Jeong

    So are there 11 different lines running in Shanghai by now?
    I was reading the travel guide book & it says there will 13 different lines by the expo period. I am curious are they still going on or opend already. Thank you!

  20. Rich

    TODAY! Today at my work, as I walked by line 10’s 新天地 stop as I always do on 复兴中路 at 7:30am, I was surprised to not be greeted by a huge metal door, but an open door! It wasn’t cracked open for workers, but fully open! There was no guard stopping people. I was in disbelief that I watched for a while, and sure enough regular commuters went in and some came out, not being stopped. I was shocked!

    Does this mean line 10 is fully open??! I am so happy! Any one else have news?? I am going just by what I saw here. What is the best way to get subway news in Chinese?


  21. Rich

    Found this here:


    Yay! it’s true! Operating hours are now 5:30am to 7:30pm!

    “Shanghai Daily reports that, starting Saturday, Line 10 will be open from 5:30am to 7:30pm. In addition, there will be more trains and waiting times will be shortened to 6~8 min during peak hours. There may even be a possibility for an extension til after 10pm in the works – though who knows how long Shanghai will have to wait for that.”

  22. Tom

    How far is the LONG XI metro station from Hong Mei Garden (condominium) Is it within walking distance? Thanks

  23. Matt

    I believe it’s a little far, a couple of km. But then, if you can afford to stay there, you probably don’t mind taking a taxi 😉

  24. Susan Livsey

    I have just moved from Gubei to LaoHongjng Rd near Wuzhong Rd. Today I got out at the wrong station – Longxi Rd and should have waited until the next stop. Can anyone tell me which exit I should use at Longbai Xincun to then walk to LaoHongjing Rd? And when catching the metro how can you know which direction it will travel after Lonxi Rd because the track splits in two.

  25. Veron Lim

    i am visiting Shanghai next week and would like to find where could i buy the metro ticket, is it available at the station itself at 7am. thank you.

  26. matt Post author

    @Susan Exit 4.

    A sign at the front of the train, on LCD panels in stations, and on-train announcements will give the final destination of the train.

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