106 ways to say a Beijing Subway station

On our Shanghai metro map, visitors have long been able to listen to the sexy voice of Wang Jing reading out the station names:


So that our female listeners do not feel left out, we thought we’d better have a guy for the Beijing map. Several days later, all 106 stations now have recordings by our very own Shaun Tang!


On the ExploreBeijing subway map you can now hear a spoken Mandarin pronounciation of each station name. Simply click on any station, then click the “play” button which appears in the upper right hand corner of the bubble:

Audio button on the map

The big red arrow doesn’t actually appear on the real map.

Also on all the station pages in Subwaypedia (like this one) you can hear the station name by clicking on the ‘play’ button on the right hand side of the page.

Audio in Subwaypedia

Try it out here:


Now if we can just find someone with a Guangzhou accent-ah…

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