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Coming soon: Explore Taipei

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be launching a new metro map app in the next few weeks for the Taipei Metro. The Taipei Rapid Transit System is a relatively new metro system, having begun operations in 1996. It now has 80 stations on 8 lines.

We’ll be using ExploreMetro’s expertise to provide a great interactive metro online and for iPhone including:

  • Clear, bilingual maps (English and Traditional Chinese)
  • Fast, accurate route-planning with times and prices
  • A native iPhone app with full offline access
  • Street maps and first/last train times for every station
  • Free updates, starting with the extensions to the Blue and Orange lines opening later in 2010

If you’d like to be notified when ExploreTaipei launches, pre-register at

Shanghai Metro ticket guide

Michael emailed to ask “I will be visiting Shanghai … and will be using the metro system quite a bit and would like to know if they have metro transportation card that can be bought for mutiple days use or family use”

Here’s are the options:

1. Buy single journey tickets for 3-9RMB each depending on distance. Purchasing is pretty simple using the ticket machines which have instructions in English. Then swipe your card on the way in, and let it be swallowed on the way out.

2. Buy a Shanghai Public Transportation Card (ask at an information desk) for a 20RMB refundable deposit, and you can top it up with 50RMB or 100RMB increments using a recharge machine. Then just swipe your card at the ticket gates in and out. Individual trips cost the same as single tickets, though there is a 10% discount if you travel enough in a month. Also at certain “virtual interchange” stations (Shanghai Railway Station, Yishan Road, South Shaanxi Road, Hongkou Stadium) you can avoid paying for a second ticket if you have a card.

3. Buy a one-day pass for 18RMB or a three-day pass for 45 RMB, available at the airport and some information desks. Unless you’re using the metro for many trips every day, this will probably be more expensive than single tickets, however it does speed things up, particularly if you’re travelling in a group.

Each person needs their own ticket, you can’t share a SPTC or pass between multiple people. Any more tips, do leave a comment!

6.5 million people using the Shanghai Metro every day

According to the latest figures, over 6.5 million people (that’s 650万) are now using the Shanghai Metro each day. July 9th saw 6.527 million people pass through the entrance gates, the 12th time the daily record has been broken this year! The average daily figure during 2009 was 3.6 million, but the new lines which have opened this year have boosted attendance significantly.

After breaking through 6 million for the first time on May 21, the numbers have shot up in the first week of July, due to the extended opening hours on Line 10 and increased numbers of passengers on Expo Line 13. Both lines have seen daily numbers double since May.

Get the data in a Google Spreadsheet

Coming soon: Google maps in our iPhone metro maps

By popular request, we’ll soon be including integrated Google Maps in our iPhone metro map apps for Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Singapore. Just tap on any station and choose “Street map” to see the area around the selected station. You can pan and zoom the map to see more.

If you’ve got any suggestions on this or other features, do get in touch!

Stay tuned for updates to all our apps to support Google maps over the next few weeks.

Shanghai Metro Line 2 Pudong Airport extension now open until 9pm

The Shanghai Metro Company has announced that the Line 2 extension to Pudong Airport will have its opening times extended from a measly 9am-4pm to the more reasonable 6:30am – 9pm as of July 10th. We’ve previously posted a detailed description of the trip on the line linking the two airports. It will still be necessary to change trains at Guanglan Road.

Expect updates to our online map and iPhone app shortly!

Buy an app, tell a friend, win a Wii

We recently submitted an update for Explore Shanghai for iPhone but encountered a snag, as we were told:

We’ve completed the review of your application, but are unable to post this version to the App Store because it includes a contest with Apple products as prizes. Apps that include such offerings incorrectly create an association with Apple, Inc.

Hmm. So now when you tell a friend about one of our apps, you can win a iPad Wii! Just tap on the Help tab in the app.

For those of you waiting anxiously for the update, Explore Shanghai 2.3 has been resubmitted (including the new Hongqiao Railway Station and extended times for Line 10) and should be available soon! Download Explore Shanghai now and you’ll receive the free update as soon as it’s approved.