Shanghai Metro ticket guide

Michael emailed to ask “I will be visiting Shanghai … and will be using the metro system quite a bit and would like to know if they have metro transportation card that can be bought for mutiple days use or family use”

Here’s are the options:

1. Buy single journey tickets for 3-9RMB each depending on distance. Purchasing is pretty simple using the ticket machines which have instructions in English. Then swipe your card on the way in, and let it be swallowed on the way out.

2. Buy a Shanghai Public Transportation Card (ask at an information desk) for a 20RMB refundable deposit, and you can top it up with 50RMB or 100RMB increments using a recharge machine. Then just swipe your card at the ticket gates in and out. Individual trips cost the same as single tickets, though there is a 10% discount if you travel enough in a month. Also at certain “virtual interchange” stations (Shanghai Railway Station, Yishan Road, South Shaanxi Road, Hongkou Stadium) you can avoid paying for a second ticket if you have a card.

3. Buy a one-day pass for 18RMB or a three-day pass for 45 RMB, available at the airport and some information desks. Unless you’re using the metro for many trips every day, this will probably be more expensive than single tickets, however it does speed things up, particularly if you’re travelling in a group.

Each person needs their own ticket, you can’t share a SPTC or pass between multiple people. Any more tips, do leave a comment!

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8 thoughts on “Shanghai Metro ticket guide

  1. shanghai-extendedstay

    I found that many overseas tourists who stayed with us were not aware of the fact that Shanghai Public Transportation Card (SPT card) can be used when they take a taxi.

    As a matter of fact, SPT card can be used for taking subway trains, buses, taxis and ferries, this makes the SPT card a very attractive option for travelers who plan to stay in Shanghai for more than a week.

    It also helps you to avoid the long lines to purchase a single journey ticket in subway stations.

  2. Lori

    Is the one day pass valid for other local transportation such as the bus and ferry to cross the river? Or is it only valid for the Metro system?

  3. Matt

    One/three days passes are just for the metro.

    By contrast the Shanghai Public Transportation Card is valid on buses, taxis, ferries.

  4. Dennis

    Thank you for the information

    I could not find such information on the metro stations and was taking single ticket 2 times daily

    which is very cumbersome

  5. Vimutti

    Is the one-day pass available at Shanghai Railway Station? We will arrive from Suzhou, and need to go about on metro in Shangahi

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