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The Shanghai Anagram Metro Map 2011

Happy Mid-Autumn festival to all ExploreMetro fans! Here’s a special holiday treat for you metro-lovers. We’ve made an anagrammed version of the 2011 Shanghai Metro map, scrambling the letters of the English names of all stations for comic effect.

Click below for the full PDF metro map, here are some of our favorites:

  • Haha, brainy girls = Shanghai Library
  • Huge Shoe healing Communist Ascendancy  = Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
  • Mouse came up arse = Aerospace Museum
  • Odd anagram = Madang Road

Back in 2008 I created the first anagrammed map of the Shanghai Metro. Since then the Shanghai Metro has added lots of new stations and lines and is now the longest metro system in the world, so I thought it was about time to bring the anagram map up to date!

Note for pedants: I used the common English name of the station as posted on signboards, spelling out directions e.g. South Lingyan Road. For some challenging stations (particularly the ones with lots of Xs and Zs I added “station” e.g. Dongjing Station -> Standing, I jog not.)

Shanghai Metro Line 2 gets more frequent trains, longer service hours

The Shanghai Metro company announced that Shanghai Metro Line 2 will have increased service from Thursday 1st September!

More frequent trains!

Longer hours!
We’ve updated our online metro map with all the latest train times. An update to our Explore Shanghai Metro app for iPhone will be available shortly!