2023/2024 year-end updates for ExploreMetro maps

Tap, tap, is this thing still on?

As usual, there are several new extensions openings in China at the end of the year.

Beijing Metro Expansions

The capital city is gearing up for significant additions to its metro network by the end of December. This will extend the system from 807 km to 836 km, overtaking Shanghai again!

  • Line 11 Extension: Just one extra station, extending from Jin’anqiao to Moshikou
  • Line 16 Expansion: The extension from Yushuzhuang will now include two new stations – Hongtaizhuang and Wanpingcheng
  • Line 17 New Route: A brand new segment from Workers Stadium to Future Science City North. This will run seperately from the existing southern section of Line 17 for now, with the middle section opening later.
  • Interchange at Suzhou Jie: A new interchange will open between Lines 10 and 16 at Suzhou Jie
Small but beautiful, the Line 11 extension
Two new stations on Line 16
New Line 17 segment

Shenzhen Line 8 Extension

  • Opening Date: 27th December 2023
  • Line 8 Extension: This extension runs from Yantian Road to Xiaomeisha, covering a distance of approximately 8 kilometers
More stations on the east end of Line 8

Guangzhou Metro Additions

  • Opening Date: 28th December 2023
  • Line 5 Extension: A new stretch Wenchong to Huangpu New Port, spanning 9.8 kilometers.
  • Line 7 Extension: A 19.9-kilometer extension from Higher Education Mega Center South to Yanshan
Several new stations on Line 7 and Line 5 give a new look to the east side of the GZ Metro Map

The new extensions to Line 5 and Line 7 introduce a number of new interchanges such as Xiayuan (5/13), Yufengwei (7/13), Dashadong (5/7), Luogang (6/7) and Shuixi (7/21).

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