3 new lines open in Guangzhou for 2018

The Guangzhou Metro opened three new lines and one extension at the end of 2017.

Line 9 has opened in northern Guangzhou providing connectivity to Huadu District. With the line’s opening, the interchange station at Gaozeng on Line 3 has also opened, just one stop from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport at Airport South.

The new Line 13 has opened in Huangpu and Zengcheng districts. It connects with line 5 at Yuzhu station.

Line 4 has been extended further south. It now runs to a new southern terminus at Nansha Passenger Port from where there are high-speed ferries to Zhuhai and Hong Kong.

Finally is the extremely odd Line 14. This serves the catchily-named Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, a new development in north-eastern Guangzhou. Not only does Line 14 not connect with any other lines at present, it is more than 15km from any other part of the network!

Line 14 will eventually connect with Line 2 and Line 3 at Jiahewanggang, but don’t hold your breath.

Updates to our online Guangzhou metro map and apps for iOS and Android will be rolling out over the next few days.



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