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The ExploreMetro Christmas Sale: Buy one app get one free!

Every app, every city, just $0.99

From now until December 15th you can buy any ExploreMetro iPhone app for just $0.99! That’s 50% off the regular price. Whether you live in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Taipei, Singapore or Hong Kong, or are planning a trip there during 2011, be sure to grab a copy today!

Buy one for you, get one for a friend!

The first 100 people who buy an ExploreMetro app will be eligible for a FREE extra copy to send to a friend! That’s right, just purchase any ExploreMetro iPhone app, and forward your iTunes email receipt to iphone at exploremetro dot com. We’ll send you a promo code which you can give to your friend for a free copy of the same app! Hurry, stocks are limited, we only have 100 free apps to give away!

The small print:

  • Promo codes will work in any country, the recipient will require an iTunes account
  • Promo code will be for the same app you purchase.
  • Limited to one code per person
  • Only 100 free apps available, we’ll update this blog post once we’ve sold out

Explore Singapore: now with LRT

Version 2.7 of Explore Singapore for iPhone is now available in the iTunes App Store! As well as being the latest app to be updated for retina display graphics, we’ve also added support for LRT lines and stations, including the Bukit Panjang LRT, Sengkang LRT and Punggol LRT.

Each LRT station includes the English/Chinese name and street map. We’ll be adding support for the journeyplanner with times and prices in the next update! If you have any other suggestions to improve our LRT support, do get in touch!

Explore Singapore is a free update for our existing users. Download it now!

Shanghai Metro Line 13: More than just the Expo

Today marks the final day of the Shanghai World Expo, and Shanghai’s Line 13, the Expo line, will also be closing. During the Expo, only three stations were open: at Madang Road, Lupu Bridge and Shibo Avenue.

The good news that is eventually the line will become a major north-south route, connecting with several other key metro lines. The bad news is that this won’t happen until at least 2012. Anyway, to whet your appetite, here are the stations.

  • Huajiang Road
  • West Jinshajiang Road
  • Fengzhuang
  • South Qilianshan Road
  • Zhenbei Road
  • Daduhe Road
  • Jinshajiang Road (Line 3/4)
  • Longde Road (Line 11)
  • Wuning Road
  • Changshou Road (Line 7)
  • Jiangning Road
  • Hanzhong Road (Line 1)
  • Shanghai Nature Museum
  • West Nanjing Road (Line 2)
  • Middle Huaihai Road
  • Xintiandi (Line 10)
  • Madang Road (Line 9)
  • Lupu Bridge
  • Shibo Avenue
  • Changqing Road (Line 7)
  • Chengshan Road
  • Dongming Road (Line 6)
  • Liuli
  • Xianan Road
  • Yanglian Road
  • Lianxi Road
  • Middle Huaxia Road

UPDATED 2nd November to correct some stations

Saturday Subway Stuff: Stinks, security, shuffling and songs

A roundup of the latest metro news and links from ExploreMetro cities!

Google Maps in every ExploreMetro app

We’ve just released the 2.5 update to all our iPhone metro maps! That’s five new updates for Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Singapore and Hong Kong!

Here’s what’s new!

Google Maps – By popular demand, you can now see a street map for every station. This is really handy if you’re arriving at a metro station and want to see which exit to take, or how to reach your destination. Just tap on any station, then tap Street map (requires a 3G or Wifi internet connection).

New interface – We’ve simplified the interface for browsing stations and planning routes. Just tap any station to see this standard popup. You can switch between Metro map, Street map and Train times (for first/last train times). You can also listen to the name of the station as an audio clip by tapping the station name, or start planning a route.

Easy routeplanning – Planning routes is now even simpler. Tap on the first station, and choose “Plan route”. Then tap on your destination. The route, time and price will be immediately shown. We’ve also updated the Singapore app prices for the new distance-based fares.

Version 2.5 is a FREE update for all existing users. Download our apps today!

Coming soon: Google maps in our iPhone metro maps

By popular request, we’ll soon be including integrated Google Maps in our iPhone metro map apps for Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Singapore. Just tap on any station and choose “Street map” to see the area around the selected station. You can pan and zoom the map to see more.

If you’ve got any suggestions on this or other features, do get in touch!

Stay tuned for updates to all our apps to support Google maps over the next few weeks.

Get Explore Singapore for free! Pi Caw Sai!

For one week only you can grab a copy of Explore Singapore, our MRT map for iPhone absolutely free! Explore Singapore is fully up to date, including the latest extension to the Circle Line which opened last month. You can search for stations, find the nearest station using your iPhone’s GPS, and plan routes, all using our really simple interface.

Download Explore Singapore from the iTunes App Store today! Our FREE offer ends Sunday June 13th.

Shanghai and Singapore iPhone apps updated to 2.0 – now in landscape!

The latest updates to our iPhone apps have just been approved by Apple. The Explore Singapore 2.0 update includes the new Singapore MRT Circle Line stations which opened last week, while the Explore Shanghai 2.0 update includes the latest extensions to Shanghai Metro Line 7 and Line 10.

Another new feature debuting with 2.0 is landscape mode. Since the iPhone screen is quite small, it can be hard to see the whole metro map at once. Now if you tilt your iPhone to the side, the app will automatically use landscape mode, and the status bar and tab bar will be automatically hidden, to give you the maximum space for the map!

Just tilt back to portrait if you want to access other features like search and “find my nearest station”.¬†We’ll be updating our other city apps, for Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Beijing to support landscape mode in the next couple of weeks!

Explore Shanghai 2.0 and Explore Singapore 2.0 are free updates to existing users, and are available on the iTunes App Store priced at just $0.99: