EXCLUSIVE: Shanghai Metro Line 10 full operation from June 12th

At last! Explore Metro can exclusively reveal that Shanghai’s Metro Line 10 will open for full operation from June 12th. Since it opened earlier this year the line has been constrained to an inconvenient 9am – 4pm schedule. From Saturday the opening times should be in line with other services. We’ll have an update shortly with the first/last train informations on our online map and iPhone app.

UPDATE – we spoke too soon. The schedule has still not been extended. Expect an announcement in the next few weeks.

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7 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Shanghai Metro Line 10 full operation from June 12th

  1. GD

    Good news! The remain stations like Hongqiao airport will not be in oeration until late this year or early 2011

  2. matt Post author

    There seems to be a slight further delay 🙁

    Operational time will be increased to 05:30 to 19:30 soon.

  3. VM

    This news was so exclusive than even people running the metro did not know it…
    Line 10 is still NOT fully operational.

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