Faster trains on Line 11, new branch line opening soon

The Shanghai Metro Company has announced that final testing is taking place on the new Line 11 branch line. The line is expected to open before the Formula 1 race at the Shanghai International Circuit takes place on the weekend of 16th – 18th April. The new stations on Line 11 will be

  • Shanghai Circuit 上海赛车场
  • East Changji Road 昌吉东路
  • Shanghai Automobile City 上海汽车城”
  • Anting 安亭 (terminus)

Currently trains on Line 11 only run between 9am and 4pm, the interval between trains has now been reduced from 9 minutes to 7 minutes. Note that some northboard trains will terminate at Jiading Xincheng, where the line divides into the two branches to Anting and North Jiading.

We’ll announce on the blog as soon as the new branch opens for passengers!

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