Got a new iPad? Help us beta-test and get a $25 iTunes Gift card

We will shortly be releasing a new update for our iOS apps including support for the new iPad (“iPad 3”) with its high-resolution retina display. Unfortunately since the new iPad is not yet available in China, I haven’t yet got my hands on a physical device for testing. If you already have a new iPad, I’d love to hear from you. Click this link to sign up for our beta-testing program, I’ll send a $25 iTunes Gift card for the first person with an iPad 3 to sign up 🙂

Sign up for beta-testing ExploreMetro on TestFlight

It won’t take long to test, I’ll send you a new version of the app to test and ask you to send a few screenshots. Thanks!

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6 thoughts on “Got a new iPad? Help us beta-test and get a $25 iTunes Gift card

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  2. Mike

    I signed up for the beta test via Test Flight. My iPad 3 is registered via Test Flight. But I haven’t been accepted by you into the program. Can you check on that or is your app not ready?

  3. Kevin Trieu

    I just have received the application! Running it on an iPad 3 the words are crisp and clean 🙂

  4. Mike

    Here are a few screenshots

  5. Mike

    Trying again: (I guess IMG tags don’t work)


    Vertical orientation, fully zoomed out. Notice it’s not centered.

    Horizontal orientation, fully zoomed out. Also not centered.

    Vertical orientation, zoomed in.

    Horizonal orientation, zoomed in.

    Verical orientation, fingers are on screen, zooming past the allowed zoom size. Notice how there is black clipping on the bottom of the subway map.

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