iPhone app feature tour: Station info

Over six days this week I’m introducing some of the features of our upcoming ExploreShanghai iPhone app! Today, station info. When you tap on a station in the ExploreShanghai iPhone app, you’ll see a bubble like this appear.

iphone 002

Its packed with useful information! First, the station name in English and Chinese. You can also see the different metro services at this station, color coded by line. For each line, you can see the first and last train in each direction. For example, at Hongkou Football Stadium, the first train on line 8 is at 5:50 (south towards Aerospace Museum) and 6:13 (north towards Shiguang Road). Now it’s simple to make sure you don’t miss the last train home!

There are two icons in the top right. The “play” button will play an audio clip of the station name in Mandarin. The “flag” icon will allow you to start planning a route. More on that tomorrow!

ExploreShanghai is now live in the App Store Download it today!

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