Jinshan Railway opens: but it’s definitely not a metro line

Back in December we reported on Shanghai Metro Line 22, which links Shanghai South Railway Station with Jinshan in the southern suburbs. After some delays, the Jinshan Railway is finally open. The good news is that you can now reach Jinshan in just 32 minutes on an express train. The bad news is that this isn’t really a metro line, but a express commuter line – the “Line 22” branding has been dropped, there’s no integrated ticketing with the rest of the Shanghai Metro network, and most damningly there are only 11 trains a day in each direction!

To take the Jinshan Line, it’s easiest to exit Shanghai South Railway Station at Exit 3. Follow the signs to “Jinshan Railway”. You can purchase a ticket from ticket machines, a one-way ticket from Shanghai South Railway Station to Jinshan costs 10 RMB.

The stations on the line are as follows:

  • 上海南站 Shanghai South Railway Station (interchange with Line 1 and Line 3)
  • 莘庄 Xinzhuang (interchange with Line 1 and Line 5)
  • 春申 Chunshen
  • 新桥 Xinqiao
  • 车墩 Chedun
  • 叶榭 Yexie
  • 亭林 Tinglin
  • 金山园区 Jinshan Park
  • 金山卫 Jinshanwei

Trains depart Shanghai South Railway Station at the following times.

  • 6:11, 6:55, 8:02, 8:58, 9:40, 10:23, 12:10, 14:00, 14:51, 15:30, 17:11, 18:01, 18:37, 20:08, 20:34
Trains depart Jinshan at the following times:
  • 6:39, 7:28, 8:13, 8:59, 10:48, 11:36, 12:22, 14:11, 15:45, 16:47, 17:20, 18:56, 19:07, 19:49, 21:27

Trains in bold are express trains, making a direct trip to Jinshanwei in 32 minutes. The other trains stop at all stations, and make the journey in 1 hour.

Due to the low frequency of trains on this line (you may have to wait over 90 minutes for a train at non-peak hours) we won’t be adding the line to our online metro map or apps yet. To qualify as a rapid transit service, you shouldn’t need to look as a timetable 🙂 We’ll be posting updates on our blog and if more trains are added, we may add the line to our maps at a later date.

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  2. LT

    The Shanghai Public Transportation Card can be used for taking Jinshan Railway. The line runs “in trial” for one month, with 15 trains a day in each direction (In fact, the number of train is increased to 24 a day for the 2nd and 3rd October). Then, 36 trains a day in each direction is schedueled.

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