Line 10 metro station names announced

The official names for the Shanghai Metro Line 10 stations have been announced. The line runs from Hongqiao Airport, through the centre of Shanghai, via such landmarks as Xintiandi, the Yu Garden and Shanghai Zoo, ending at Jiangwan New Town in north Shanghai. There are multiple interchanges with existing lines, see below for details!

Here is the list of stations, from west to east, with links to Metropedia articles for existing stations. The English names are our unofficial translations, based on the naming of current stations. Corrections and comments are welcome. The 28 stations on the main line are as follows:

  • 虹桥火车站站 – Hongqiao Railway Station
  • 虹桥机场西站 – West Hongqiao Aiport
  • 虹桥机场东站 – East Hongqiao Aiport
  • 上海动物园站 – Shanghai Zoo
  • 龙溪路站 – Longxi Road
  • 水城路站 – Shuicheng Road
  • 伊犁路站 – Yili Road
  • 宋园路站 – Songyuan Road
  • 虹桥路站 – Hongqiao Road … interchange with lines 3 and 4
  • 交通大学站 – Jiaotong University
  • 上海图书馆站 – Shanghai Library
  • 陕西南路站 – South Shanxi Road … interchange with line 1
  • 新天地站 – Xintiandi
  • 老西门站 – Laoximen … interchange with line 8
  • 豫园站 – Yu Garden
  • 南京东站 – East Nanjing Road … interchange with line 2
  • 天潼路站 – Tiantong Road
  • 四川北路站 – North Sichuan Road
  • 海伦路站 – Hailun Road … interchange with line 4
  • 邮电新村站 – Youdian Xincun
  • 四平路站 – Siping Road … interchange with line 8
  • 同济大学站 – Tongji University
  • 国权路站 – Guoquan Road
  • 五角场站 – Wujiaochang
  • 江湾体育场站 – Jiangwan Stadium
  • 三门路站 – Sanmen Road
  • 殷高东路站 – East Yingao Road
  • 新江湾城站 – New Jiangwan Town

There’s also a branch line from Shanghai Zoo, towards Hanghua New Town. The three stations are:

  • 龙柏新村站 – Longbai Xincun
  • 紫藤路站 – Ziteng Lu
  • 航中路站 – Hangzhong Lu

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5 thoughts on “Line 10 metro station names announced

  1. Jason

    Yay. I’m starting a new job out near Hongqiao airport and although I knew a line was coming, I didn’t know it was next. Any idea on when the line will be completed?

  2. Matt

    Should be in 2010, hopefully pre-Expo (in which case, around April 2010) Otherwise, lines traditionally open at the end of December, so possibly December 2010.

  3. Tony

    Hi, the official english translation of Line 7,Line 10, and 1st Phase of Line 11 is announced, you can get them from the official site of Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority

    The name list is in the attachment Word Files..

    And the official translation of south extension of Line 8 also is availble, but it need to apply.

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