Longer opening times and more transfers

Micah Sittig reports on changes to the Shanghai metro starting June 1st. There are three main changes

Firstly, lines 1, 4, 5, 6 and 9 will get slightly longer opening times. Hurrah!

Secondly, at three stations: Hongkou Football Stadium, Shanghai Railway Station and Yishan Road, there will be a new ‘virtual transfer’ option. These stations previously featured in the post Hall of shame: the interchanges that aren’t, since at these stations in order to change lines, it is necessary to leave the station, take a long walk, re-enter the station and buy a new ticket. Now, passengers with a Shanghai Public Transportation card will be able to transfer between the separated platforms without paying for an extra ticket. Hurrah! The long walk will remain.

Thirdly, elderly passengers with special cards will be able to travel at off-peak hours for free. Hurrah!

The ExploreShanghai metro map will receive an update soon to reflect the new interchanges and timings. There will be a new post on this blog when the update goes live.

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4 thoughts on “Longer opening times and more transfers

  1. DKwan

    Any idea if Line 9’s bus’s hours will be extended as well? Currently Line 9 ends at/around 10:30, but its bus service ends at 8:30 (which is really really lame, btw).

  2. Matt

    Hi DKwan,

    Line 9 doesn’t run so late, the hours have just been extended from 9:00pm to 9:15pm, but it definitely doesn’t run till 10:30pm. I don’t have an updated timetable for the bus, but I guess the last bus from Yishan Road to Guilin Road will also be extended by 15 minutes.

  3. Jeremy

    Dear Author,
    Since today, passengers in Shanghai Metro may interchange in the following lines by using a transportation card within 30 minutes:
    – Line 1, 3 and 4 in Shanghai Railway Station
    – Line 3, 4 and 9 in Yishan Rd.
    – Line 3 and 8 in Hongkou Football Stadium
    If interest, thanks to update your Shanghai Metro System^_^

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