New video of ExploreShanghai iPhone app

The best way to understand our ExploreShanghai Shanghai Metro iPhone app is to see it in action! That’s why we created a video so you can see great features like routeplanning, easy zooming and panning, audio and search.

Check out the video on Youtube (best for outside of China)

… or on Youku (best inside China)

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4 thoughts on “New video of ExploreShanghai iPhone app

  1. Groinsmash

    Can this app work with other touchscreen phones, eg: Symbian?

    If it can’t I’m going to copy this program and improve on it and ruin your website.

    Thank you.

  2. ekee


    I’d like to know how to switch between Chinese and English display on iPhone / iTouch?
    It’s strange that there is only English on iPhone, and only Chinese on iTouch …

    Even though, the software is awesome! Thanks!

  3. Matt

    @GS It’s iPhone/iPod only right now.

    @ekee ExploreShanghai uses your iPhone/iTouch’s interface language. To change that:

    1. Press the button on the front of the iPhone to get to the home screen.
    2. Once on the main screen, click the “Settings” button (looks like gray gears).
    3. In settings, select the “General” settings button.
    4. Scroll down until you see the “International” button. It is in the fourth group of buttons. Select this “International” button.
    5. At this point you will see the “Language” button with the currently selected language next to it. To change the iPhone language, select this button and then pick whatever language you would like to switch to.

    ExploreShanghai supports English and Simplified Chinese at the moment.

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