Shanghai Metro Expo Countdown – what’s left?

The Shanghai Metro currently has 10 lines in operation: Lines 1 to 9 are in full operation, Line 11 is in trial operation. So, what’s still pending opening this year? The plan is to open everything before the Expo, but it seems like some projects are delayed. If you have accurate opening dates for any of these lines, please let me know in the comments!

  • Line 2 west extension – Songhong Road to Xujing via Hongqiao Airport and Hongqiao Railway Station. Should be the next to open, during March. Open March 16! (except Hongqiao Railway Station)
  • Line 2 east extension – 8 new stations from Guanglan Road to Pudong International Airport.  Open April 8!
  • Line 7 north extension – Qihua Road to Meilanhu.
  • Line 10 – a major new line with 31 stations, appears to be delayed.  Open for trial operation April 10 (except branch to Hongqiao)
  • Line 11 branch line –  to Anting – open 29 March! (except East Changji Road)
  • Line 13 – will open for Expo ticket-holders only

Additionally some closed stations on existing lines may open. Zhoujiadu on Line 8, Houtan on Line 7, Jiyang Road on Line 6/8 and Middle Yanggao Road (open April 7) on Line 9 fall into this category.

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3 thoughts on “Shanghai Metro Expo Countdown – what’s left?

  1. Killban

    I am really keen to hear about the line 11 branch line. I live right by Jiangsu Lu Metro, and I work in Anting. It would also be nice to get to the F1 race in April on the metro as well…

  2. johnyaya

    Last week, I poked around the Longxi Road line 10 station. The major construction work is completed, but at one of the exits, they still need to do the finishing stuff like stonework, signage, sidewalks, etc. I think it can be finished before Expo but it depends on how hard they are going to work. Considering that Expo will last several months I don’t think a few weeks delay on line 10 is necessarily a big deal. On the other hand, if they failed to finish the line 2 airport extensions that would be serious because these will actually be used by most people attending the Expo.

  3. Eddie

    Line 2 West Extension opens tomorrow per Shanghai Daily. Do you know where the Xujing Dong Station is?

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