Shanghai Metro Line 7 opens on

Shanghai’s Metro Line 7 opens today! We’ve just pushed live an update to with the new line.

What’s included:

  • A nice new orange line!
  • Routeplanning information: just drag between each station
  • A Metropedia article for every station with info, routes, pictures and maps
  • Mandarin pronunciations for every station
  • First and last train times for each station (be careful, trains stop just after 4pm initially!)


Update 7th December

  • Updated ticket prices for all journeys
  • Improved route-planning for Line 7
  • Locality maps for every Line 7 stations in Metropedia

Coming soon

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8 thoughts on “Shanghai Metro Line 7 opens on

  1. Everett

    Please note that Line 7 is under trail operation. That’s why the last train stop so early at 4pm..

  2. Shaw

    I have dragged it from yuntai rd to dongming rd, but I found that the suggested route is totally a disaster

  3. matt Post author

    Hi Shaw,

    Thanks for the bug report! There was an error in the routeplanner which is now fixed. Dragging from Yuntai Road to Dongming Road should now give a much more sensible route!

  4. Stefan

    Hi team,
    I know, it’s a piece of cake, but still:
    Could you update the pdf file with the line 7 as well?
    As long as father christmas did not bring the iphone, I use the pdf when offline some times.
    Thanks and happy 2010 for all of you.

    Another question:
    Could you post a list of your best guesses, when all lines will be open?
    I live in Xujing and long for the day to have line 2 in front of my door…

  5. matt

    Hi Stefan,

    Will update the PDF version in the next week 🙂

    Best guesses for the other lines:
    Line 9 extension, Line 11: late December.
    Line 13, Line 10, Line 2 extensions, Line 7 extensions: before May!

    Sorry can’t be much more exact yet!

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  7. Alexey

    Hi Matt,
    thank you very much for your updates, for continuing working on your great site! I like it very much.
    Just want to know, if there are any news, how long the Line 7’s trial operation would be last? Do you have any information for this issue?
    Thank you in advance, and Happy New Year! Wish the site will be more popular and well-known next year!

  8. Matt

    The opening times will be gradually extended between now and May. I dont have exact dates though, I’m afraid.

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