Shanghai Metro Line 8 extended

Today Shanghai’s Metro Line 8 opened its second phase. The previous southern terminus was Yaohua Road in Pudong. The new route travels 14.2km into Pudong to the Aerospace Museum.

The full list of new stations, from North to South is

The station at Jiyang Road will be a future three-line interchange between Line 6, Line 8 and Line 11, but is not open yet.

Here’s a view from Google Earth looking southwards down the new line (click to enlarge)


Our interactive Shanghai metro map and routeplanner have been updated with the new extension. Please report any issues you find! Price information for the new line will be available soon.

UPDATE Fixed two station names

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6 thoughts on “Shanghai Metro Line 8 extended

  1. David Feng

    A little more about Phase II of Line 8:

    • Through trains from Shiguang Road to the Aerospace Museum run about once every 15 minutes. That’s every third train. Minimum gaps are about 11 minutes during the evening rush hour.

    • Most trains end at Yangsi. When Jiyang Road opens up later in the year, they’ll continue through to Jiyang Road.

    • Jiyang Road opens late 2009 and will be a three-line interchange. The Line 8 platform sits above a cross-platform Lines 6/11 combo platform. The whole station is underground.

    • Minor corrections to Line 8 names: “Lianhang Road” and “Aerospace Museum”. 😉

  2. matt Post author

    Thanks David! I’m off to ride the line now! Will do the name corrections when I get back 🙂

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  5. Random Person

    Another minor correction to a name of a Line 8 station: “Lingzhao Xincun” instead of “Linzhao Xincun”.

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