Shanghai Metro Line 9: Deeper into Songjiang

This week we’re previewing the new lines expected to open in Shanghai and Beijing in December 2012. Today, Shanghai Metro Line 9.

Line 9 currently runs from Middle Yanggao Road in Pudong to Songjiang Xincheng in Songjiang District. On approximately December 28th 2012, a three-station extension should open, with new stations at Songjiang Sports Center, Zuibaichi and Songjiang South Railway Station, which provides a connection to the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed rail line.

Line 9 extension

Here’s a picture of the new station at Songjiang South:



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5 thoughts on “Shanghai Metro Line 9: Deeper into Songjiang

  1. Markus

    Hey Explore Metro team,

    I´m highly interested when line 9 will be extended from Middle Yanggao Road to the west?

    Best regards

  2. Matt

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe that construction has begun on the eastern extension, so probably not until 2015 or later.

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