Shanghai Metro New Year roundup: new lines, longer opening times

A round up of Shanghai metro news!

  1. Metro Line 11 and the eastern extension to Line 9 opened on December 31st. Both have limited opening times initially. Check for all the details, including first and last train times, and journey planning/prices for the new lines.
  2. Metro Line 6 now has longer opening times! Trains leave Gangcheng Road between 5:36 and 22:00 and leave South Lingyan Road between 5:48 and 22:12.gangcheng
  3. Planning to interchange Line 9 and Line 1 at Xujiahui? You’ll have a long walk for now. The planned interchange passageway is not open yet, so for now you’ll need to leave the station and re-enter. This is free with a Shanghai Public Transportation Card
  4. The Shanghai Metro Company have launched a new “traffic light” system for the network. Green shows trains are operating normally, yellow shows delays, red shows serious issues/shutdowns. You can check the current state of the network here
  5. Later in January, Jiyang Road station will open, providing an interchange between line 6 and line 8 (see below). You won’t be able to access the station from ground level, only interchange.


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3 thoughts on “Shanghai Metro New Year roundup: new lines, longer opening times

  1. Alexey

    Any updates for JiYang Road Station? It’s a middle of February now, but the station still doesn’t seem to be opened… 🙁

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