The dashing Daxing Line: Beijing’s Line 4 heads south

On October 28th, Beijing’s Daxing Line (大兴线) opens, adding an additional 11 stations on the south end of the existing Line 4. Although originally planned as a separate line, it will now be fully integrated with Line 4 and trains will travel the full 40 km of the line.

The new stations from north to south, are listed below. Tap any station name for a Subwaypedia page with maps and photos.

Here’s a view from Google Earth looking south at the new stations.

Daxing district (大兴区) may not be frequently visited by most Beijingers, but it’s home to over 600,000 people. It’s also likely to be home to Beijing’s second airport.

We’ve updated our online interactive metro map at with the new stations. We’ll be adding timetable and routeplanner info shortly. An update for our Explore Beijing iPhone app will be available soon!

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